Thank you for considering a donation in support of Villa Madonna Academy. You can choose how you would like to support the Academy.


Each year, a percentage of the total value of the endowment is allocated for overall operational support.  A healthy endowment is crucial to ensure our next generation of learners has access to the best private, Catholic education in the Greater Cincinnati area. Your support of this funding program is tax-deductible.

The Arts

The inclusion of the arts is critical to forming students who are well-rounded and understand the power of creativity.  Imagine…every student at Villa Madonna Academy either learns how to draw, sculpt, glaze, play an instrument or act on stage.  Your tax-deductible donation will help fund the arts.


The Academy offers a wide variety of sports for everyone – basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball, track and field, golf, tennis, softball and cheerleading.  While the Boosters Club, comprised of passionate parent volunteers, help to provide necessary funding for sports, more funds are needed on a long-term basis. Your tax-deductible donation will help fund the academy’s overall athletic initiatives.


Villa Madonna Academy currently provides a wide variety of scholarships and financial aid.  However, our work is not done until we can provide an opportunity for the “Villa experience” to everyone who would like to attend here.  We are often asked how people can help.  The bottom line is that we will work with you in a wide variety of ways.  The following are examples:

Help a current family in need - Donors can make a one time or multi-year contribution to help a current family in financial need.  This may be done for any amount, and it can be done anonymously if desired.  You may know the family or you may ask us to identify a family who needs some assistance.

One-time scholarship - Donors can contribute from $500 up to full tuition to establish a one-time scholarship.  We will work with you on criteria for the award.

Named scholarships - Donors can establish a named scholarship fund to provide an annual scholarship award.  We have carefully developed an investment strategy for these scholarship funds.  We typically grant a scholarship award that is about 5% of the fund.  Usually, these funds would start at $10,000 or higher.  At 5%, a fund of $10,000 would have an annual award of $500.  A fund of $100,000 would be able to award $5,000 per year in one or more scholarships.  We will work with you on your preferred selection criteria and selection process.

Religious Studies

The Academy extols the virtues of St. Benedict, the 5th century founder of the Benedictine Order of Sisters, St. Walburg Monastery, who sponsor the school. Students who want to explore a religious vocation may do so.  The student will be connected to the appropriate source – girls will meet with the vocation director at St. Walburg Monastery if they are interested in religious life; boys will be connected to the Diocese of Covington if they are interested in learning more about priestly life. Your tax-deductible donation will help fund every aspect of courses and counseling.

To discuss these and many other opportunities, please contact Pamela McQueen, Executive Director, at 859.331-6333 ext 128 or