kindergarten_projects_comp.jpg  Kindergarten – Canvas Wall Art
Who knew painter’s tape could make such beautiful art? Each kindergarten student applied painter’s tape to canvas to make unique geometric designs with some adding their initials for that personal touch. After painting the taped canvas, the tape was removed and a memorable and fun work of art resulted.

1st_grade.jpg  Grade 1 – Dr. Seuss Handprint Bookcases
Inspire your first grader’s love of reading! Each first grade class decorated a bookshelf with pages from Dr. Seuss books, their handprints, and memorablebook quotes. (One bookcase per homeroom.)

2nd_grade_crosses_comp.jpg  Grade 2 – String Art Cross
As a remembrance of their preparation for First Holy Communion, each second grader created string art crosses. Reclaimed wood serves as the background for these beautiful crosses that will serve as a memento of this special time in their lives.

3B_project_comp.jpg  Grade 3 – Third-Grade Themed Memo Boards
Your children will always be prepared when notes are posted on these unique memo boards. Each third grader painted a scene from nature on a tile. These tiles were then used to form the border around a cork board. The result is a whimsical memo board that will catch their eyes every day. (One memo board for each homeroom.)

4W_project_comp.jpg  Grade 4 – Fourth-Grade Monopoly Games
Family game night will not be the same when you bring home this student-themed Monopoly game. Each student is represented on the board as well as other Villa landmarks. Specially-designed Villa money and unique tokens will make this a treasured gift. (One game for each homeroom.)

5th_grade.jpg  Grade 5 – Kentucky Fingerprint Wall Art
Show your Kentucky pride! Each fifth grade class had a hand in decorating a wood cut-out of the commonwealth. Each student’s thumbprints add color and fun to this piece. (One plaque for each homeroom.)

6th_grade_cross_comp.jpg  Grade 6 – Bead and Nail Cross
Each sixth grader created a nail and bead cross. Each decorative bead was hand strung on wire and then wrapped around nails that formed the cross. For a final personal touch, each student’s work is identified with a metal tag stamped with his/her name.

7th_grade_project_comp.jpg  Grade 7 – Seventh-Grade Themed Cupola Wall Art
Each seventh grade student painted a tile that when all fit together becomes the symbol of Villa – the cupola. (One wall art for each homeroom.)

8th_grade.jpg  Grade 8 – VILLA Framed Photograph
A trendy addition to any room in your home, this black and white framed art will be admired by many. Photographs of the eighth grade students spelling VILLA were arranged in a black frame creating this memorable picture. (Two framed photographs available.)

Grade 9 – Details coming soon!

11th_grade_mirror.jpg  Grade 10 – One-of-a-Kind Wooden Starburst Wall Mirror
Hand-painted by all members of the Class of 2020, this mirror will be a lasting “reflection” of a year to remember!

Grade 11 – Jumbo Personalized Jenga Game (picture coming soon!)

12_Class_blanket_comp.jpg  Grade 12 – The Invincible Class Fleece Blanket
Another snow day? No worries! Your senior will have this warm and cozy fleece blanket (80"x60") to bundle up in while binging on NetFlix… or doing homework!

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