Here's what current VMA parents and Alum are saying about their Villa experience...

Villa Graduate perspective:

 "I'm only one and a half weeks into classes at the United States Military Academy and already I can tell what a difference my Villa education has made. What separates Villa and has made me feel most prepared for college is the method of teaching students how to think. Teachers from every subject get students to think creatively, answering questions such as "why?" and "how?" rather than "what?" At the college level, instructors and professors expect students to draw connections that cannot be found in a textbook. Villa prepares its students for exactly that, and that is what our world needs today - leaders who can ask the tough questions and come up with creative and effective solutions." ~ M. Blom; Class of 2014 

"I wanted to share a quick update about where I'm at and what I've been up to.  I am currently in my third year at UC with a major in finance and looking to add marketing as a second major.  I am slated to graduate at least a semester early due to my AP credits.  I cannot stress what a value those classes brought to me.  Outside of classes I continue to live out the Benedictine Values.  I am a full-time member of Boone County Water Rescue.  Currently I serve as a crewman that helps in dive and recovery operations as well as general patrols.  The team is composed of 55 volunteer only members including the captains.   I am also pursuing extracurricular activities such as UC Waterski Team.  I am in my 2nd term as the recruitment chair and work closely with new and continuing students.  I have been able to bolster my team by securing a partial sponsorship from Cincinnati Mastercraft, the dealer I work for.   I would love to hear back from you and please feel free to pass this on to any staff that you feel may want to know.  Best wishes,  Matt" ~ Matt Stapleton; Class of 2011

"We are currently sitting together, chatting about our high school experience, so we wanted to take a moment to thank you and the faculty of Villa for all that you have done for us. After a month of college, it has become apparent how well prepared we were for college and life after high school in general. Not only do we feel prepared in the classroom, where much of the material feels like a review, but also as conscientious young adults. Twelve years of education and experience at Villa has provided such a good foundation for success in college and beyond. We look forward to coming back and talking to the seniors about life after Villa. Even though we've made new friends and had new experiences in college, our friends and what we learned at Villa will always be in our minds. Bahar, Rachel, and Courtney"

Parent Perspectives: 

"At Villa Madonna we have watched our children blossom into wonderful young adults we can be proud of.

Our boys have been at Villa four years now and the transformation is the answer to our prayers; that our children will be happy, likeable, kind, and successful. Villa Madonna has prepared them, through wonderful teachers and staff, to not only be confident in themselves, but resilient in their ability to overcome life’s obstacles with a great attitude, even while encouraging others.

For all these reasons and many, many more, we deeply love and appreciate everything Villa Madonna and everyone involved with the school has done for our children and our family." ~ Steinman Family, Independence, KY

"Having been exposed to academically competitive American, Canadian and international schools we found in Villa Madonna the perfect combination to prepare our son to have several high caliber options for college and become a well-rounded student with the life skills to succeed anywhere in America and the world. Additionally, Villa Madonna has a fantastic athletic program and it has produced nationally ranked student athletes.  In just one season, the coaching staff and positive camaraderie among athletes gave our son the opportunity to develop and excel in his sport at the highest level, plus train next to  peers who are not only State Champions, but nationally ranked athletes with exemplary character and sportsmanship. Villa Madonna is the best school in the area and one of the top in America. The Benedictine values, faculty, staff, and families are truly world class."~ M. Komaromy-Hiller; Edgewood, KY

"Being a new student can be overwhelming, however my daughter received a warm welcome from the staff and the students at Villa Madonna. In the short amount of time we have been a part of the Villa Family we have already experienced a new glow with enthusiasm academically, spiritually, and socially. The entire staff has made the transition a breeze. From teachers to coaches, I feel well-informed on every aspect of student life and the tranquility of the campus surrounds you with strength and beauty." ~ A. Ryan; Florence, KY

"We are nothing short of amazed at how (our daughter) has blossomed while attending VMA. The decision to send (her) to VMA was not taken lightly, in fact you could say that we researched her options extensively.  We ultimately chose VMA because of their laser-like focus on the academic, social and spiritual aspects of each child all while nurturing them with Benedictine Values.  (She) started Kindergarten at VMA at 4 years old because we felt like she was ready for the challenge.  She has excelled in the environment provided by VMA and regularly impresses us with the things she has learned.    She’s now in First Grade and we couldn’t imagine having her attend any other institution in Northern Kentucky.  We often tell other parents about our positive experiences at VMA and based on their interaction with our daughter, three of her friends are now attending VMA this year!  I can’t think of a better endorsement than that!" ~ J. Wallace; Union, KY

"One of the many reasons that I choose to send my children to Villa is for the caring and connected community.  Since kindergarten, all of my children have been welcomed and included into many Villa events, by classmates as well as older students.  The teachers know all my children well, including the younger siblings who are not yet in school, but look forward to going to Villa.  My children have never been bullied or degraded, as Villa fosters a respectful and inclusive sense of community.  The principal, teachers, and supporting staff strongly encourage parent feedback and participation, and are willing to re-evaluate Villa's curriculum as technology changes.  Villa offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities, including academic, artistic, and athletic opportunities, and students are encouraged to pursue multiple endeavors." ~ A. Dropic, Erlanger

"We have sent our 3 oldest children to Villa Madonna and we have been very happy with that decision.  The class sizes are small and each of our kids have made friends that will last a lifetime.  They have had great opportunities to do a number of different activities.  Each of our kids have played soccer, swam, run track and cross-country (what a cool sport!), inducted into the National Honor Society, participated in the many facets of plays (always a fun experience!), Junior Classic League, etc.  There is a genuine environment of helpfulness in which our kids participate.   The teachers and coaches are the best!  We made our first move with our older son, Charlie, when he switched schools to VMA in the 6th grade.  Next followed our daughter, Clara.  Libby went to high school at VMA after finishing elementary school at St. Lawrence in Lawrenceburg."  ~ B. Califf, Lawrenceburg, IN.

"Alex thoroughly  enjoys school – and actually looks forward to it.  Believe it or not – and he did say this – he likes Villa better than (his old school) – because the kids at (there) don’t have homework – so how could they be learning anything!!??!!  Yikes!!  I have to believe at some point he will change his mind on that one, but for the time being it is neat that he has that attitude going forward. 

I think the morning meeting idea is a master stroke and I hope that the other grades do that as well – I can’t think of a better way for the kids to: a) look forward to going to school (i.e. they get to tell their story), b) learn how to effectively communicate to a larger group of people (and learn confidence, organization and poise), c) feel like they are a part of something bigger (sense of classroom community and cohesiveness) d) get the morning cobwebs out / prepare for a productive day and e) have some fun.  Bravo on that one!!  I truly believe that is transformative to the classroom learning experience."  ~ D. Kruer, Park Hills, KY

 "Our son, Alex, loves to go to school.  Not one day has passed since he started at Villa that he hasn’t been enthusiastic about going to school and hasn’t responded with “awesome” when asked how his day was.  Everybody knows that Villa has an outstanding reputation for academics.  What those who have not experienced Villa often do not know is how wonderful the environment is and how the Benedictine traditions of peace & reverence, scholarship & community are so seamlessly imbued in the school’s culture.  As parents, we know that our children are like little sponges.  Therefore, we wanted an environment where our son would be positioned to soak in positive messages, values and behaviors and Villa has delivered.  Alex is now in the first grade and we have been astounded by what he has learned during his short tenure at Villa.  Most importantly, however, we are so grateful that he is in an environment that doesn’t threaten to strip away his innocence too soon and where being kind, thoughtful and respectful is the common denominator, not the exception."

"Rachel is working for as a videographer. She worked during football season on the sidelines and is now the main video person for Lacrosse. She travels with the team, shoots game film and short clips to play on the scoreboard and online. She really loves it and her time at Villa definitely gave her the advantage when she applied for the opening on staff. Thought Steve Oldfield might like to know he had a special impact on Rachel even as she continues her path at USNA." ~ M. Bailey; Taylor Mill, KY

"I have many positive things to say about Villa.  My perspective comes as an out-of-state family relocating to a new school.  Morgan arrived to Villa in first grade and Chelsea in fourth.  There was never a day that we regretted choosing Villa as our school family.  We actually moved to Northern Kentucky because of Villa, although Bill's job is in Springdale, Ohio.  From day one, the students, faculty and staff made Chelsea and Morgan, as well as Bill and me, feel as though we had been here forever.  There truly was no transition period.  It was right from day one." ~  L. Cassetta, Villa Hills, KY

"As the old saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  With that in mind, my husband and I found Villa to provide a true community spirit among all teachers and students, along with strong academics and wonderful extra curricula activities.  My sons are thriving in the environment!" ~ M. Pietromonaco; Villa HIlls, KY

"The sponsor family idea is such a great segway into the school community as it allowed the girls and us to know someone before school even started. Villa is the most welcoming community of people.  The staff and faculty nurture each individual and it is difficult for anyone to feel as though they don't belong at Villa."

"We made the mistake of not touring any of the area high schools while our daughter was finishing the 8th grade.  We decided to go where the majority of other students had chosen, without knowing what other schools had to offer. After the freshman year we visited several public and parochial schools.  We were impressed from the very first meeting and walk through of Villa. The strong academics, unique opportunities (athletics, groups, clubs, etc.,), and the personal interest displayed from the very beginning, made us feel welcome.  She is in a caring, Christian environment where students are accepted and encouraged by the faculty and their peers to study and work hard. Socially in her own words “we’re all in this together--everyone is accepted for who they are, and encouraged to be themselves, and given opportunities to showcase their unique interests and talents.”  We feel that the overall experience and accomplishments that she is receiving at Villa will enhance her abilities to excel in college and in life.  When people ask how our daughter is doing at Villa, we automatically say “great-- it is a much better ‘fit’.”  What we really like is seeing her smile----despite the home work!" ~ B. Voorhees, Edgewood, KY

"When we first moved to the area over 14 years ago, we had no idea where to send our girls. We looked at the test scores and college entrance rates and decided against the public school in our district. It was actually our realtor that recommended Villa to us, so we set up a visit. We were hooked when we walked through the front doors! It was such a warm and welcoming environment. Everyone knew one another and seemed genuinely happy to be there. We hadn’t planned on sending my son to Villa until the 6th grade, but when his 3rd grade year ended, he came to us and said, “I’m ready to go to Villa now. I want to go where my sisters go!” It’s been the right choice for us ever since." ~ M. Gerst; Hebron, KY

"Our family loves the spiritual and fun learning atmosphere that Villa Madonna Academy has created.  Every day our children come to school at a place they love to go surrounded by friends, teachers and school personnel that they also love.  Villa Madonna Academy has the best interests of our children in mind.  When looking toward the future,we know that our children are receiving the best education to help them realize their life long dreams.  Thank you to Villa Madonna Academy for providing our children with the education and resources to help brighten their future!"

"Let me count the ways I love VMA... Every time I start down the drive into the VMA Campus, I smile.   It used to be filled with the fond memories from my fours years at VMA in the high school now those memories have taken a backseat to the last five years as a VMA Parent.  I recall my children who are happy to attend school each day then return home bouncing in the front door to tell me all they learned that day.     VMA is more than a school, VMA is a community, a family.  Then I think of a time last year when our daughter was fighting a serious illness.  We never knew how much our VMA Family loved us back until we were had a need.  VMA is more than the best education we can give our children VMA is an experience they will carry with them for the rest if their lives. "

"Our son, currently a senior, has attended Villa Madonna Academy for the last six years.  Prior to that he attended K through 5th grade in the public school system and had a less than satisfying experience.   After researching and investigating several different academic avenues we narrowed the search down to two choices.  However, after visiting and shadowing at Villa our son was determined that this was where he wanted to attend school.  At Villa we have been delighted by the small class sizes, the friendly family atmosphere, and that our son continues to be academically challenged by his teachers and his peers. He has learned good study habits and has made friendships that will last his entire life. Besides the excellence in education, he has participated in many extra-curricular activities from music and the arts to sports; learning the fundamentals and enjoying his experiences. Not only has he grown in knowledge, he has become a more well rounded and mature individual during his time at Villa.  Every summer prior to writing his tuition check, we ask him the same question, "Where do you want to go to school next year?" Every year he says, "I want to go to Villa." Sadly, this will be our last year at Villa.  He is now contemplating the next level of his educational experience. If we had to guess, we expect he will select an educational institution with high standards similar to those found at Villa Madonna Academy." ~ J. Schwarting, Park HIlls, KY

 "While it is obvious our kids are getting a great education, we are most impressed with the values displayed by the entire Villa community.  Not only are they learning to be good students, but they are learning to be great people."  ~ T. Werner; Villa Hills, KY

"There are many things we like about Villa.  First,  a path for success is set.  We know that many students have graduated with a high degree of learning as exemplified by ACT scores and college scholarships. Also, The students have the opportunity to participate in many professional forums and clubs which expand their thoughts on leadership and career possibilities.  Second, the teachers and staff know the students well and genuinely care about their well being.  Third, the families are great, it is a very close community.  Lastly, our daughter who is a very good soccer player and a new tennis player loves the athletic opportunities.  She loves her coaches and team, there isn't any other school she would rather be attending."

"We were originally drawn to Villa because of its full-day kindergarten. As two working parents, we needed the support that Villa provided – not just the full day kindergarten, but also the aftercare program, which has been a huge benefit. But, when we met with the teachers and staff, we knew Villa was the right place for our girls – and that feeling has continued as our girls entered higher grades and became more involved in the various activities Villa offers. Though we’re not Catholic, we love that our children receive not just an extremely strong education, but they also receive a solid Christian foundation that runs from their home life to their school life. We know our daughters are better not just for the superior education they’re receiving at Villa, but also the solid foundation of the Benedictine values.  What keeps us at Villa is the true feeling of family. While our children have developed wonderful friendships, Kevin and I have also reaped the benefits of meeting and growing close to parents who are as diverse as we are similar. It’s been wonderful to meet parents who have the same basic values and ideals, but also the diversity of backgrounds and history that not only enrich our girls’ lives, but ours as well. And like any family, the Villa Family supports one another, volunteers to help the school and each other and lifts each other up.  The smaller class size at Villa brings us all together so easily and builds that feeling of family quickly and genuinely. The friendships that our whole family has made are those that we know are lasting and meaningful. So, as the school enriches our children through education, the Villa Family enriches us all through education, diversity, common values and goals – all with a solid religious foundation." C. Meyer; Hebron, KY

"One of the key things my husband and I love about Villa is the small class sizes.  The teachers get to know our children, both their strengths and weaknesses.  There is lots of interaction and it’s hard for the kids  to “hide” when there’s not as many in the room.  Key "non-book" skills that are emphasized are organization and planning.  It was amazing to realize how well prepared our children were for high school in this area.  The transition in managing a more demanding schedule was a relatively smooth one.  And now that our oldest as completed her first year in college she has handled her new found independence and responsibilities with grace and confidence.  We couldn't be more pleased." J. Kunkler; Crescent Springs, KY

At Villa Madonna Academy you feel a real sense of community.  Everyone is looking out for each child to ensure his/her success, happiness and well-being.  The results are clearly visible in the students’ development and growth.  Proud to be Blue Lighting! ~M. Pietromonaco; Villa Hills, KY


When Jonas and I came for the packet pick up, I was overwhelmed with the genuine excitement and warmth of everyone we met. I have never experienced that at any school. I already know we made the right choice. When he talks about Villa, he beams. You will never know how much that means to me. You can't fake the love Jonas and I felt on Monday. I am so proud to now be a part of it.  ~ A. Teremi

"When my son graduated from Kindergarten, he was reading at a second grade level.  He recognizes and participates in helping others in the community." ~ A. Riley; Hebron, KY