Youth in Government

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Mar 01, 2021

The Kentucky United Nations Assembly has long been a popular program at Villa Madonna Academy. The two-day experiential conference is sponsored by the Kentucky YMCA, and it allows students to participate in simulated international diplomacy. Each year, Villa students represent a country and draft a United Nations resolution based on the needs of their country and/or the international community.

This year, high school students represented Greece. Sophomores Ava Borchers, Kate McDonald, Sophie Schaeffer, and Maddie Timm drafted a resolution based on Greece's challenges with climate change. The sophomores are urging UN member nations to draft climate change education for students to help combat changes that are negatively affecting Greece and other nations. They will present their resolution and debate it in committee meetings.

The conference allows students to practice their public speaking and debate skills. Students spend months preparing for the conference, and although it is virtual this year, the experience that these students gain is invaluable.