Villa Madonna Academy would like to make the names of deceased graduates available to the entire Villa community. Through this website, names will be updated regularly. We will continue to print the names of the deceased in the Villa Vistas. Please notify Becky Motley in the Alumni Office @ 859-331-6333 ext 140 or with the names of deceased graduates.

We ask that you keep both the graduates and their famiilies in your prayers.  The following are alums that passed away recently or we have recently been notified that they passed away.

Rosemary Shields Rippe '46, mother of Christine Rippe Hollenkamp Nesbitt '69, Laura Rippe Cardosi '74, Jennifer Rippe Hock-Brallier '78 and Polly Rippe Dickmann'81 and Julie Cardosi ‘06

Barbara Wanamaker Clements ‘52

Joan Hoppenjans Tenfelde '56,  sister of Elizabeth Hoppenjans Ehlman '52 and sister of the late Martha Hoppenjans Edwards '41, Jane Hoppenjans McKee '37  and Sue Hoppenjans Thelen '55

Christine Cusick McGraw ‘56

Lane Vogel ‘56

Mary Marchelle Remke Willilams ’57, sister of, Betty Lou Remke Volker ’52, Marilyn Remke Smain ’53 and Sharon Remke Kruetzkamp ‘63

Polly Masters Fath ’58 sister of the late Ruth Masters Poweleit ‘55

Jo Marie Prunzo Arnold '59, sister of the late Lola Ann Prunzo Stechschulte '52

Ann Schwetschenau Craven ’73, sister of Susan Schwetschenau Hausman ‘68

Connie Arlinghaus Darpel ’73, sister of Judy Arlinghaus Vinegar ’67, Mary Arlinghaus Carroll ’76, Diane Arlinghaus Terrana ’79 and Cathy Arlinghaus Pedro ‘84

Pamela Blank Rodiz ’86, sister of Lynn Blank Kallmeyer  ’79 and Lisa Blank Gergen ‘79

Dolores Ballman Ross ‘44

Joan Kahmann Rose ’48, sister of the late, Mary Helen Kahmann Kinsella ’39,  Grace Kahmann Martin ’41, Virginia Kahmann Stewart ’42 and Genevieve Kahmann Sutter ‘47

Sally Briede Hill ‘49

Lois Decker Moore ’51, sister of Rita Decker Gehring ’47, Martha Decker Conway ’55 and Carole Decker Lentz ’58 and mother of Michelle Moore Sieber ’76, Marie Moore Nelson ’80 and Kathleen Moore Boyle ‘86

Mildred “Millie” Marshall Bork ‘51

Kathleen Nolan ’54, sister of Ann Nolan Stewart ’58 and the late Patricia Nolan Dahlenburg ‘47

Ruth Masters Poweleit ’55, sister of Polly Masters Fath ’58 and mother of Patti Poweleit ‘75

Aurelia Rabe Rice ’56, sister of Carol Ann Readnour ’58 and grandmother of Glenn Rice ’13, Rebecca Rice ’16, Maria Rice ’19, and Sarah Rice ‘22

Joan Higdon Hegge ’57, Carol Higdon Roberto ’51, Judith Higdon Egan ’54, Nancy Higdon Stautberg ’55 and Melanie Higdon Boylan ‘61

Mary Dolores “Jinx” Keller Helmer ’62, sister of Barbara Keller ‘74

Linda Metz Benzinger ’63, sister of Peggy Metz Eckard ’55 and Phyllis Metz Popham ’56 and the late Marilyn Metz Menne ’52 and Judith Ann Metz Zimmer ‘54

Diane Gunkel Garber ’67, sister of Karen Gunkel Anderson ’70, Linda Gunkel Krumpelman ’72, Christine Gunkel Cummings ’78 and Julie Gunkel Eten ‘87

Denise Craven Romer ‘68

Mona Maius McCarthy ’69, sister of Kimberly Marius ‘73

Alice Forde ’72, sister of Deborah Forde Young ’76 and Kathy Forde Norris ‘78

Julie Hollenkamp Dammert ’72, sister of Jennifer Hollenkamp Dewberry ‘68

Peggy Riley Foster ’73, sister of Patricia Riley Schilling ’71 and Penny Riley Eggemeier ’75