Villa Madonna Montessori was founded by the Benedictine Sisters of St. Walburg Monastery, women with a deep commitment and deidcation to growth-oriented education, in 1971. Over the past 49 years, VMM has graduated thousands of children, many of whom attended Villa Madonna Academy and other Montessori schools. 


Montessori is a three-year program desined to prepare young children for life.  The Montessori 'method' is a philosophy of education named after its founder, Dr. Maria Montessori.  The fundamentals tenet is that a child learns best within a social envionment that supports each individual's own develoipment.  

Each child begins the Montessori program at his/her own starting point and continues at his/her individual rate.  The child's activities lay the foundation for his/her continued growth.  The intellectual basis for later academic accomplishments is created as the child independently plans and executes activities using specially designed didactic learning materials, which correspond to their 'sensitive periods' where specific skills are learned most easliy.

Teachers observe and evaluate the child's development and plan for continued growth, acting as facilitiators of learning and functions as designers of the environment, resource persons, role models, and demonstartors.