All high school and junior high classrooms are infused with technology.  Faculty utilize interactive white boards, document presenters, iPads, and laptops.  High school broadcast journalism students use video cameras and Adobe Premiere software to produce the VMA news.  Yearbook students use the computers in the high school library to create and edit the school yearbook.  Students use the high school computer lab for Web Programming and AP Computer Science classes.

All teachers work with iPads and laptops.   Extensive professional development prepared faculty for the launching of the 1:1 iPad program in 2013-2014, after a two-year pilot program.   See iPad page for more information about Villa Madonna Academy's iPad program.

Technology implementation in the high school and junior high assures: 

  • Access to a great depth and breadth of digital content
  • Portable and efficient access to tools for note-taking, assignment completion, and study
  • Content Creation – students can integrate newly acquired learning and skills with their existing knowledge base to create new content, ideas, and products
  • Creative Exploration 
  • Local and global collaborative learning
  • Active Learning
  • Enhancement of student interest and students’ sense of responsibility for their own learning.