Welcome to the VMA Student Council webpage.

Student Council is a group within the VMA High School/Jr. High that strives to 

  • promote harmonious relationships between students, faculty, and the community
  • develop school spirit, pride, and morale
  • work with the faculty on school problems adn projects, and to provide direct channels of communication between the student body and the administration
  • encourage student involvement
  • sponsor fund campaigns, social and recreational activities, assemblies, student elections, and service projects
  • support all other organizations within the school

-Constitution of the Student Council of Villa Madonna Academy


April 28, 2014

A message from the president:

Hello; thank you for taking the time to visit the student council webpage. I truly believe that active involvement within school, like any institution, is the best way to foster personal growth, build leadership skills, and make a difference within society for students. I strive to use student council as a vehicle to allow any student that wants to get involved to do so in a fun and meaningful manner. Our agendas run the gamit from social events (with free food) to fundraisers to various serivice projects. If you would like to get involved or have any ideas/questions/concerns, I strongly encourage you to reach out to me either in person or through one of the means below. Have a wonderful day.

-Nicholas Boucher
VMA Student Council President


A collection of minutes from regularly scheduled meetings in the 2013-2014 school year can be found in the public folder below:

Student Council Minutes