Welcome to the High School/Junior High Counseling Department!
The counseling department is here to serve the students as they make their transition from grade school to junior high and high school and then to college. These six years are a period of amazing growth emotionally, mentally, and socially as well as intellectually. We certainly want them to develop their many talents and abilities to achieve their goals for the future, but we are also focusing on the whole person. We are also here to serve the parents so feel free to make an appointment with us. This is a great transition for you as well. 

Visit the counseling office website for additional information. 

Meet the Department

Mr. Walter Ingram
  • School Counselor, Grades 7-12

    Duties include:
    - College/Career Counseling
    - AP Coordinator
    - KEES Contact
    - PSAT Coordinator
    - GSP Coordinator
    - Services for Students and Disabilities Coordinator
(859) 331-6333 x214
Mrs. Jessica Zai
  • School Counselor, Grade 7-12

    Duties include:
    - Personal Counseling
    - Scheduling Coordinator
    - HSPT Coordinator
    - Math Placement Coordinator
    - Iowa Test Coordinator
    - Admissions Counseling
    - International Student Coordinator
(859) 331-6333 x219
Mrs. Amanda Rood
  • Academic Enhancement Coordinator

    Duties include:
    - ALP Coordinator
    - Eligibility
    - Academic Support
    - MMS Support (Logins, Passwords, etc)
859-331-6333 x201