VillaRama 2017

Fund the Need - The Modern Classroom

Last year, VillaRama’s Fund the Need raised $23,000 for STEM-related tools and technology. The elementary computer classroom was re-imagined into the Fab Lab, and the high school library was redesigned to become the Learning Commons. This year’s Fund the Need will take us the next step.

The Modern Classroom needs to accommodate new technologies and provide flexibility for different learning styles and activities. Standing desks and multi-media tables are two examples of new trends in classroom furniture. 3D pens, LCD digital microscopes, littleBits circuit kits, an optically-guided router, and a laser cutter are STEM-related tools that will ignite the imaginations of our students.

Fund the Need will allow each principal to purchase items that best accommodate the students and classrooms of today, and tomorrow, at Villa Madonna Academy.