Kindergarten_framed_art_comp.jpg Kindergarten – Reach for the Stars Framed Art

Our shining star kindergartners created two framed pieces of art. Each piece is beautifully decorated with individual stars designed by the students. Each framed art is the same. All students are represented on each.

1st Grade – Personalized Ceramic Popcorn Box  1st_grade_popcorn.jpg

It's time to pop some corn and settle in for your favorite Hollywood movie! The first grade students glazed and autographed a popcorn box for your next movie night.


2nd Grade - The Super Heroes of Second Grade Storybook   (pic soon!)

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s GOLDIN GIRL! Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than locomotive! It’s CAPTAIN CYCLOPSE, SUPER MUSICELY, SUPER ARIO, and the HOMERUN HITTER. These and the many other super heroes of 2nd Grade will be bounding across the pages of this storybook. All of the pictures and stories were created by the students. You’ll enjoy reading their blockbuster tales of superpowers, sidekicks, and superhero accessories!


3rd Grade – Star String Art Wall Hanging
On the Villa Walk of Fame, our 3rd Graders are among the stars! Their mark of fame is a striking keepsake. These individual, beautifully hand-strung string art pieces were created and autographed by our celebrities.



4th Grade – Ceramic Hand Print Wall Hanging

Every celebrity leaves their mark, but the VIPs of 3rd Grade have a special place in our hearts. Their autographs and handprints will be a prize for any collector. Students made impressions of their hands and autographed a ceramic tile. After they were fired they glazed them with vibrant colors. These pieces will make cherished keepsakes and adorable decorations for any fan!



5th Grade - Andy Warhol Pop Art Self- Portraits   5th_grade_art2.jpg

The handsome and beautiful faces of the stars have always been the subject of fine art. Andy Warhol’s famous paintings of celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, and John Lennon are iconic images. The 5th Graders have created self portraits in Warhol’s pop art style. Their portraits are hand-altered collages with watercolor, transparency painting, and cut paper pieces. These bright and bold works really pop and will be fun keepsakes for 5th Grade fans.


6th Grade – Super Hero Wall Canvas

Earth's mightiest 6th Grade Heroes joined forces to take on art that was too big for any one kid to tackle. Students worked in small groups to create 6 different wall canvases of their favorite Avengers: Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, The Hulk, Ironman, and Thor. Each sold separately.




Junior High and High School Projects coming soon!