IMG_4880.jpgKindergarten – Canvas Wall Art
Who knew painter’s tape could make such beautiful art? Each kindergarten student applied paint to canvas to make unique geometric designs with their initials for a personal touch. After painting the taped canvas, the tape was removed and a memorable and fun work of art resulted.

IMG_4874.jpgFirst Grade – Ceramic Popcorn Holder
It's time to pop some corn and settle in for your favorite movie! The first grade students glazed and autographed a popcorn box for your next movie night.  

IMG_5131.jpgGrade 2 - Super Hero Hardcover Book
It’s a BIRD! It’s a PLANE! NO, It’s the Superheroes of Second Grade!! This elite superhero group took some time away from fighting bad guys to share with their fans the inner workings of their superhero lives. On the pages of this unique book you will find images of them in action, details about their superhero outfits, powers and sidekicks, and their secret identities. This page turner is sure to keep a smile on your face. 

Grade 3 - Ceramic Handprint

Students made impressions of their hands and decorated a ceramic tile. After they were fired, they glazed them with vibrant colors. These pieces are sure to be cherished keepsakes.

Grade 4 – Fourth-Grade Monopoly Games
Family game night will not be the same when you bring home this student-themed Monopoly game. Each student is represented on the board as well as other Villa landmarks. Specially-designed Villa money and unique tokens will make this a treasured gift. (One game for each homeroom.)

IMG_5002.jpgGrade 5 – Peacock Print
Why Blend in When You Were Born to Stand Out!! The fifth grades students played with pattern and color to create a piece of artwork that will surely catch your eye.  Each student designed a feather that was set into the train of a peacock to create a striking piece of art. It will surely stand out as one of your favorite pieces of art! 
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6th_grade_cross_comp.jpg  Grade 6 – Bead and Nail Cross
Each sixth grader created a nail and bead cross. Each decorative bead was hand strung on wire and then wrapped around nails that formed the cross. For a final personal touch, each student’s work is identified with a metal tag stamped with his/her name.

Grade 7 – Seventh-Grade Vincent VanGogh Inspired Sunf

Inspired by Sunflowers, by Vincent VanGogh, the seventh grade class created a contemporary reproduction. Each student chose a square of VanGoghs image to recreate in their own style. The pieces were made with soft pastels and came together to create a breathtaking bouquet. 
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IMG_5045.jpg  Grade 8 – DC Memory Book

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Grade 9
– Pop Art Painting
Students in the ninth grade were each given a square with a cross through the center. They began in the middle and filled color along the angles of the cross, each quadrant matching, until the square was completed. Although similar, their color choices and brush strokes make each piece unique while still creating the illusion that they come together to make a beautiful piece of art.
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Grade 10 – Details coming soon.
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Grade 11 – Jumbo Personalized Jenga Game (picture coming soon!)
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Grade 12 
What better way to remember the Class of 2019 than this picture-perfect collage! Seniors are featured with a special memento from their favorite activity during their time in high school at Villa. Post is 20 x 24.
Photos by Tony Wagner 
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Poster Only $25 each
Framed $50 each