2019-2020 Tuition and Fees


Application forms for scholarships must be submitted by April 15. This year, Villa has awarded approximately $465,000 in scholarships and tuition assistance to our elementary, junior high, and high school students.

Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance is available based upon need. The goal of our financial assistance program is to provide the opportunity for all interested students who are academically qualified to attend Villa regardless of their financial status. Many families think they may not qualify for assistance, but are encouraged to apply. Please contact the Villa Madonna Academy Business Office at (859) 331-6333, ext. 125 or 126 for information.

Tuition Rates for 2019-2020: 

Please note that the rates include tuition, materials, textbooks, and technology fees. A $400 registration deposit is required to register and is applied to tuition. 

KINDERGARTEN: $6,400 per student. 
ELEMENTARY (Grades 1-6): $9,125 per student. 
JUNIOR HIGH (GRADES 7-8): $9,125 per student. 
HIGH SCHOOL (in district): $11,125 per student. 
HIGH SCHOOL (out of district): $11,775 per student (Students who are not members of a parish in Boone, Campbell or Kenton County per Diocese of Covington Board of Education Policy P3220.) 

FEES (Not included in tuition):
FACTS Payment Service Fee per Family (applies only if using FACTS): $45 (withdrawn by FACTS)
Credit Card Payment to Villa – Fee per transaction: 3.0% of the dollar amount charged

SPECIAL FEES TBD in 2019-2020
2018-2019 High School Senior Graduation Fee: $80
2018-2019 High School Senior Retreat: $250
2018-2019 High School Junior Retreat: $120
2018-2019 High School Sophomore and Freshman Retreats: $45

Fundraising Fee per Student: $100 (Maximum - $200 per family)

Sports participation fees, daily lunches, and high school class dues are paid separately from the Tuition & Fees.


MULTI-STUDENT: Discounts, tuition assistance, and scholarships are available for families with additional children.
FRESHMAN STUDENT DISCOUNT: An additional loyalty discount is offered to students for retention from grade 8 to grade 9. This discount is dependent upon the number of years a student attended Villa  according to the following chart:

Grades at Villa K-8 1-8 2-8 3-8 4-8 5-8 6-8 7-8
Discount $800 $700 $600 $500 $400 $300 $200 $100

TUITION PAID IN FULL BY JUNE 1:  1% with a maximum of $100 per family. (Paid-in-full discount  is applied against tuition less the following: multi-student, freshman loyalty, and professional courtesy discounts, financial aid, and scholarships.)