Villa Madonna Academy is the K-12 school of choice for families around the Tri-state and around the world seeking an unsurpassed academic and spiritual education. While the campus is closed, instruction continues. 

From our Executive Director, Pamela McQueen, regarding NTI: "Our teachers and students have created learning experiences that allow exploration of new forms of teaching and learning. Students are encouraged to build skills that will support digital citizenship and information literacy. They are developing skills that foster a new sense of community, new ways to communicate, collaborate, connect, create, and think critically.  Students are working with the teachers in not simply consuming information but in creating information and honing their skills to be self-directed and independent learners. One must remember, too, that we will certainly have a new appreciation for each moment we spend together here at Villa."

Our small-by-design class size allows students to discover more. Our students learn more about the world around them and about themselves. You'll find opportunities abound at Villa.

Elementary School (grades K-6) features:                 Junior high and high school (grades 7-12) features:        
World languages taught 2X or 3X per week HS level world language courses available in junior high
Lego Robotics HS level math classes available in junior high
Enrichment program 20+ Advanced Placement & Dual Credit Courses in HS
Model government program Benedictine Exchange Program
Competitive Chess Team Travel Abroad/Study Abroad opportunities
Scouts Kentucky YMCA's Kentucky Youth Assembely
Rosary Club Kentucky YMCA's Kentucky United Nations Assembly
No-cut athletics and clubs No-cut athletics and clubs

Our commitment to our students shows in every classroom, and our numbers support our success.