Villa Vikings

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Aug 24, 2018

Villa Madonna Academy is proud to announce a new athletic team name. We are now the Villa Vikings! Students have been lobbying for a change for many years. They wanted a concrete symbol to rally around. Choosing the Viking made sense because it linked us to the past as our boys' teams were once known as the Vikings.

Change can be difficult. It can be sad, but it can also be an adventure. Villa's change to Vikings will bring mixed emotions. We honor and respect our history as Vixens, Vipers, and the Blue Lightning. They will not be forgotten. As Soshana Marx Bosley `91 said, “I am a proud Villa Vixen and will always cherish my days at the Academy as a Vixen. Now, as the elementary principal and as a parent of an eighth grader, I’m excited to celebrate our school spirit as a Villa Viking. Look for me showing my Villa pride by wearing a Viking helmet at home games throughout the school year.” Religion teacher Eileen O’Connell `84 said, “I was fully invested in the Villa Vixens! I bled blue and still do! But as the years go by (and there have been many now!) I find it is the school I am attached to and the pervasive Benedictine spirit. I truly believe this mascot will bring more spirit to our school. The students desperately want a tangible mascot to rally behind. This is it! I will always be a Vixen—that was my time. Now it is someone else’s time, and I will do whatever I can to support them.”

History teacher Joe Cordonnier tells us, “The Nordic peoples we know today as the Vikings led the European world out of the Dark Ages. They explored the uncharted waters of the dangerous North Atlantic in a spirit of adventure and discovery. While the rest of Europe remained landlocked in fear of what they did not know, the Vikings forged ahead. That's what our students and our alumni have done for more than a century.”

Mr. Cordonnier added that few cultures had as much gender equality as the vikings. Women had equal pay, voting rights, and respect. The new Viking will represent girls and boys at Villa. Our students have been encouraged to design the new mascot. The top drawings will be submitted to alumni, students, and faculty for voting.

Whether we are Vixens, Vipers, Blue Lightning, or Vikings, we share something special, we share a Benedictine tradition and we are all Villa Proud!