Triple Threat Athletes

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May 18, 2018

Playing multiple sports has a lot of benefits. Research shows multi-sport athletes have better self-confidence; they are better students; and, they have a wider skill set due to exposure to various training levels and coaching styles. The Kentucky High School Athletic Association recognizes the benefits of playing more than one sport and recently launched a new award to de-emphasize sports specialization among youth and to promote  diversification. 

KHSAA introduced the Triple Threat Award to recognize students who play on the varsity level in fall, winter, and spring sports. Villa Madonna Academy High School/Junior High had the second highest number of Triple Threat student athletes in the state of Kentucky. Twenty-one students played three sports at Villa.

These student athletes have gone to state competition, won conference championships, and have been nominated for Player of the Week by the Cincinnati Enquirer. The KHSAA award is another great way to recognize their efforts.