There's So Much to Explore

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Apr 20, 2016

`Tis the season to find Villa's students, family, and friends exploring the grounds of our beautiful campus. One day you may see high school students recording biodiversity in the ponds, and another, you'll find students soaking up the sunshine and reading the latest book of the month.

You'll see the elementary running club preparing for the Flying Pig 5K and the middle and high school track teams preparing for their next meet. You'll notice alums taking a morning walk with their children, and you may find wild turkey and geese stretching their wings and searching for their next meal.

Our campus is abuzz with activities. If you are able, take a stroll around the school or stop by one of our benches and relax. Saint Benedict reminds us to "Listen with the ear of the heart". When we stop to enjoy the beauty around us, we are better able to tune out the noise and open our hearts and minds.