Enriching the Arts at Villa

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Sep 11, 2017

Unique opportunities abound at Villa Madonna Academy, but one program we're especially proud of in the elementary school is the Artist-in-Residence Program. It is something that few schools offer, and we are blessed to have. Each year, the students work with an artist from outside the school. It may be someone in the art community, an author, or as was the case this year, an actor. This one-on-one exposure with someone who is a leader in their field creates memorable, engaging lessons.

This year, students in grades 2-6 worked with Mr. Michael Lippert to write and perform a play call Still... Livin' Like a Benedictine. Mr. Lippert helped the students write a script explaining the values of scholarship, service, stewardship, hospitality, and respect.

Our students were blessed to have this opportunity, and it would not have been possible without the support of Fine Arts Patrons. This group of parents and friends of Villa provide additional funds to support the fine arts. 

Thanks to the FAP and everyone who supports Villa Madonna Academy!