STEM Strong

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Jan 20, 2017

STEM learning opens a door to many careers. In fact, employers around the country and around the world are now more than ever looking for employees with a strong STEM background. Villa provides many STEM programs for its students and provides opportunities to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills that take STEM learning to the next level.

In the elementary school. students collaborate to code various robots in the Fab Lab. They also work together to solve challenges during weekly Logic Block classes. In the high school, you'll find students partnering in engineering, physics, and chemistry labs, and you'll see them building incredible things in the Makerspace. Students in junior high work together as they learn how to use Photoshop in computer class, and they partner to create board games about Church history.

Our teachers are committed to equipping the students with the STEM and collaboration skills they need to succeed. To learn more about the unique opportunities at Villa, please contact Admissions Director, Janet Baugh, at 859-311-6333 ext. 139.