Solar Fun

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Aug 23, 2017

What a show in the sky! Students in grades K-12, their teachers, and many of their parents were dazzled by Solar Eclipse 2017. Teachers prepared students for the event with lessons across the curriculum. In the Fab Lab, kindergarten students made solar eclipse crafts to better understand what was going to happen. Elementary French students learned solar eclipse vocabulary. High school religion students found eclipse references in the Bible, and of course, students discussed the event in science class, too. Mr. Mark Wolff, our physics and chemistry teacher, brought in a telescope with a sun funnel and set up a projection system for students to view the eclipe without looking at the sun. Meanwhile, fifth grade students made pinhole projectors for viewing.

We were so excited to be part of an event that grasped the imaginations of people from around the country. We are thankful that our students and so many of our parents were able to share it with us, too.