Sleep May Be Secret to Success

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Oct 26, 2018

With the recent time change, you may be thinking about your child’s sleeping habits.  Many studies have shown that academic success is tied to the amount of sleep time a child gets as well as other factors such as exercise and screen time.  Elementary school students should get between nine and eleven hours of sleep. High school students need about nine hours of sleep. 

A study in the medical journal Lancet found that students who got proper sleep, 60 minutes of daily physical activity, and a two-hour limit on screen time had higher scores on tests of mental ability. In addition to boosting mental ability, proper sleep helps with attention span and improves the ability to fight germs.

Villa Madonna Academy elementary principal Soshana Bosley agrees with the need for a good night's sleep. She said, "A well-rested child comes into school ready to learn and make the best of his/her day." So, when you set back your clock one hour, look at your child's sleep schedule and decide if they might need to squeeze in a few more zzzzs.