Self-Defense Training = Training for Life

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Apr 09, 2018

Self-defense class at Villa Madonna Academy High School/Junior High? You may be wondering why students in grades 7-12 need this kind of training. The Survive Institute Training Seminar is more than just a self-defense program. It teaches life skills. The seminar is designed to instill self-confidence not only in dangerous situations but in everyday situations. Survive Institute instructor Debbie Gardner says, "No matter the task in life, one must develop the discipline of kind and empowering self-talk. The world is filled with negativity which creates self-doubt and self-sabotage. Negativity will destroy your health and your dreams...and yes, your safety."

Practiced daily, Gardner's simple tips can help in the classroom, in the boardroom, on the field, and in a crisis situation.

1) Winner breathe deeply through the challenge. Gardner says, "No matter the source of your discomfort or fear, belly breathe. You are not frozen."

2) Interrupt the breath of anyone trying to hurt you. This can mean interrupting someone who is hurting you verbally or physically interrupting the breath of someone trying to harm you. 

3) Grip your hands to recirculate the blood from your heart to your head and limbs. 

4) Think positive. "No matter what, you will figure this out, and you will be okay."

To learn more about Gardner's program, we encourage you to check out Survive Institute.