Learning Together

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Jan 06, 2020

Having a friend who's older and perhaps a little wiser is something we can all use, right? Who wouldn't like a friend to show them the ropes, to ask questions, to guide them?Research shows that cross-age peer mentoring provides benefits for both the younger student and the older student. It can boost confidence, foster a positive attitude about school, and lead to improved behavior for both the older and younger child.

Villa Madonna Academy students have opportunities to participate in cross-age mentoring through our buddy program and through the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program. Villa kindergarteners and first graders meet monthly with junior high students to read, work on a STEM project, or celebrate holidays together. Our intermediate students work with second and third grade students on projects. These regular meetings help promote connectedness in the school community and provide interesting ways to tackle lessons.

Outside of Villa, one will find some of our high school students serving as Big Brothers/Big Sisters at Howell Elementary. Each week, Villa students meet with their Littles at Howell. They help with homework, play games, and do crafts together. 

To learn more about opportunities Villa Madonna Academy, contact our admissions director, Janet Baugh at 859-331-6333 ext. 139.