The Importance of Sports

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Apr 18, 2018


What is the value of playing sports? A recent study reports, “Sports are transformative in the lives of teens.” That is an impressive statement from the Women’s Sports Foundation. The organization analyzed surveys of secondary students in America. The group focused on twenty sports most accessible to teens including basketball, soccer, track and field, baseball/softball, and others. It is not surprising that the research found that sports participation supports long-term health, achievement, and well-being.

Student athletes were more likely to eat healthier, get exercise, and get at least seven hours of sleep per night. What may be surprising is that the study also found that athletes had a more positive attitude toward school work, and they had higher grades than those who did not play. The results were regardless of gender, race, or socioeconomic status.

The study also found that the number of sports the teens play is important. Teens who participated in two or more sports gained the most from their involvement. Multi-sport athletes reported better psychological and physical health, and they even reported better grades than one-sport athletes. Researchers suggest that this is due to exposure to a broader range of skills and more opportunities to practice teamwork, time management, and relationship-building with teammates and coaches.

At Villa, 80% of our HS/Jr. High students participate in at least one sport. Forty-three percent play two or more. Villa Madonna Academy believes athletics help form more well-rounded students.  The elementary, high school, and junior high teams have a no-cut policy. Every student has an opportunity to be part of a team, regardless of skill. At the elementary level, students are guaranteed one quarter of playing time to allow students to develop their skills on the court and the field.

The athletics program is designed to challenge students, to encourage participation, and to achieve excellence. This year, Villa's high school/junior high teams have won Conference Championships in baseball, boys' tennis, girls' track & field, boys' cross country, volleyball, and girls' soccer. We have had multiple NKAC Players of the Year and members of All-Conference teams.

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