How to Keep Kids Engaged

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Mar 25, 2019

From standardized testing to spring fever, there are a lot of reasons why students might need an extra nudge to stay engaged in their academics. That’s why you will find Villa Madonna Academy elementary teachers using different techniques to keep students learning. Principal Soshana Bosley says teachers often implement exercises to get things moving. She said, “Attention can easily wane when students sit still for too long, and adding movement breaks can help students absorb and retain the material better.”

One way teachers get things moving is by taking their students outside. Teachers use the Villa campus for science lessons, art inspiration, physical education and more. On cold and rainy days, one will find students using  our Wiggle Way to move, and stretch, and hop. Another tool to keep students engaged is collaborative work. When students work together, the academic content is reinforced, and students build their critical thinking and social-emotional skills. Second grade students recently worked together while studying Dr. Jane Goodall and her research on tool-making chimpanzees. All of these efforts work to keep children engaged and learning as the school year enters its final weeks.