Show Your Benedictine Hospitality

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Jul 26, 2016

How can you show your Benedictine values? Open your home to an international student and show him or her what Benedictine hospitality is all about. Each year, international students choose to call Villa their home. They spend the school year studying here, making friends, and joining clubs and teams. Many of them graduate from Villa and go on to university in the United States. We are blessed to have these students be part of our student body. We have a female student from China who is still in need of a host family.

The hosting experience is a unique one. Students from across the globe show up at the airport and join your family. Sounds awkward, right? For a moment, it is, but after a few days, the students start to become part of your daily life as you share your family values and experiences with them. You are their gateway to life in the U.S., but you will learn as much from an international student as they do from you.

International students bring their own spending money. Their tuition is paid for, and host families receive a generous stipend to cover food and other expenses.

To learn more about hosting opportunities, please contact Karen Paxton at