Honors at KYA

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Nov 08, 2017

Our elementary and junior high Y Club was recognized at the Kentucky YMCA Kentucky Youth Assembly. The organization is an experiential learning conference in government and service. Students propose bills which are then voted on in committee. If the bills pass committee, they are presented before the house or senate, and then, they may go on to become laws.

KYA recognizes schools for their service efforts and for the efforts in participating in the Youth Assembly. Villa's Y Club received several awards. A Merit Award for Service was given for contributing to local and global service projects. The Y Club also received a Delegation of Excellence Award for its preparation and committment to excellence at the event. Finally, two students were recognized at the event. Seventh grader Henry Ratterman received an Outstanding Speaker award for his thoughtful pro/con speeches at KYA, and fifth grader Quinn Holtzman received an Outstanding Delegate award for her preparation and presentation at the assembly.

Congratulations to all our students and to their advisor, Mr. Tilley, for representing Villa so well at KYA.