Have You Bought Your Thunder & Lightning Ticket?

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Sep 21, 2015

The Thunder & Lightning Raffle is heating up! Wednesday, September 23rd is the first deadline for the class participation contest. All ticket purchases must be in by 8am on Wednesday to count. Here are the current standings:  1st Place – Ms. Zeck with 42.86% participation, 2nd Place – Mr. Henson with 42.86 % participation, and 3rd Place – Ms. Kline with 27.27% participation. Overall parental participation is 18%. So far, we’ve raised $14,000. Our goal is $20,000. The winning classroom wins a party and the teacher a $25 gift card. It is easy to move up in the rankings as it is based on percentage of class participation. 2-3 students bringing in raffle tickets can sway the percentage quickly in your classes’ favor! http://villamadonna.org/giving/thunder-lightning/ for ticket information.