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Feb 12, 2019

Villa Madonna Academy's swim team brought home a number of awards from Regionals, one of which was the Team Sportsmanship award. This award really speaks to the values we try to instill in our student athletes, and these values are needed more than ever according to sports organizations around the Tri-state. They are putting more emphasis on sportsmanship among the players and fans in the stands.

The Kentucky High School Athletic Association and the Ohio High School Athletic Association recently released letters warning about shortages of officials due to poor sportsmanship among fans. In the KHSAA letterCommissioner Julian Tackett posted an open letter saying, "It is time for everyone to take a deep breath, regain control of their emotions, and remind themselves of the great purpose of high school sports, enjoyable participation by the student athletes."

What prompted these letters? The number of officials has been dropping steadily in Ohio and Kentucky. Sports organizations say officials are aging out, and new recruits are hard to come by. They say angry fans are playing a role in that. 

The KHSAA sportsmanship rules state, "All of us have worked hard to create a sense of teamwork, respect, responsibility and perspective. We remind you that we expect good behavior and will quickly penalize misconduct. We encourage and appreciate your help. Let this competition reflect mutual respect among all participants and officials."