Excitement Bubbles Over

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Oct 18, 2016

Excitement bubbled over during a unique science lesson held on Villa's campus. Eighth grade science students explored Newton's Laws of Motion with giant inflatable balls. Teacher Jacob Farrrel said the Bubble Balls created a unique way for the students to really connect with the material they were learning, and in this case, the material was inertia. Emma Meyer said,“It’s how your body resists change in motion. It’s like if you’re going forward, your body wants to continue to go forward”, and when the students got hit by other students in the inflated bubbles, their bodies definitely reacted. Students were flipping over in their balls and flopping on the ground. Grant Forster said, “It was definitely fun, a little bit more powerful than you expected when you got hit by them.  It was really, really interesting.”

The best part of this science lesson was sharing it with other students. Some high school students had a chance to try out the Bubble Balls, and some elementary students were on hand to cheer on everyone.

It's just another day of STEM learning at Villa Madonna Academy. To learn more about our STEM programs, please contact Admissions Director Janet Baugh at jbaugh@villamadonna.net or at 859-331-6333 ext. 139.