Cursive Counts

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Mar 12, 2018

With tablets and laptops in the classroom, learning cursive may seem quaint, but many teachers and education experts agree that cursive is a valuable learning tool. There is research that shows helps develop motor skills. That's because writing in cursive uses a different part of the brain and uses hand muscles differently than printing. 

Villa Madonna Academy Elementary principal, Soshana Bosley, also points to research that suggests learning cursive helps reinforce learning. She said, "Cursive writing helps students learn as their brains are stimulated in a way which helps them with recall." A 2014 study found that university students recalled more when they took notes by hand rather than by typing them onto a computer.

Second graders at Villa Madonna learn cursive. They invited us into their classroom to show us how they do it. Check out this video to see their work. To learn more about elementary education at Villa, please contact Janet Baugh at