Coding Fun

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Dec 09, 2016

Villa high school students gave the kindergarten students a hand as they participated in Hour of Code for the 2016 Computer Science Education Week. There were events held all around the world to celebrate computer science. Here at Villa, our youngest students used computer games to learn about coding. They had the help of high school students to navigate the directions. In fourth grade, the students used Ozobots to practice their coding skills. The students created trails for the mini-robots to follow. 

Hour of Code was launched to "demystify code" and to show that anyone - even the youngest computer users can learn the basics. Coding and other computer science programs are part of the curriculum in elementary school as every student takes computer class once a week. Computer science classes continue in junior high, and in high school, students may take web programming and Advanced Placement computer courses.

To learn more about the computer curriculum, contact Admissions Director, Janet Baugh at 859-331-6333 ext. 139.