The Arts Matter

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Nov 06, 2018

The fine arts are a critical part to a child's education. Research shows fine arts classes can help improve scores in reading, math, and science. Theatre provides a creative outlet for students. Villa high school students are performing "The Miracle Worker." One twelve year study suggests involvement in theatre boosts self-motivation and empathy for others. Art can help critical-thinking skills as students are encouraged to think about something in a different way as they try to bring that object to life on the page, on the canvas, or through sculpture, and music  classes can help improve language skills, self-confidence, and resilience.

Those are all great reasons for supporting the arts. How can you support the arts at Villa? Attend the fall play or the spring musical. Join the Fine Arts Patrons. Attend Gallery Night in the spring or simply just encourage your child to talk about what they have learning in art class, drama club, band, or musical theatre.