There are many ways to support the Blue Lightning.

1.  Participate in the Athletic Boosters.

2.  Sponsor or attend the Golf Outing or participate in the Shoot-A-Thon.

3.  Wish List - You can make a donation toward a Wish List item or maybe you are able to donate the item itself.

New Golf Cart/GATOR  $5,000-8,000 depending on model. Used for outdoor sports and school maintenance.Preferred to have dump gate on back. Current cart is about to die.

Scoreboards for Baseball/Softball  Approx $8,000 for two boards ($4,000 each), plus $10,000 for installation- bid by Ruehl Electric- ($18,000 total).  ***Must buy both boards together per Title IX.

Volleyball Pole Upgrades  $400

Storage Shed  $5,000-8,000 for uniforms and athletic equipment, as well as PTAO and VillaRama items

Referee Locker Room  $1000. Area for refs to change/prep for near soccer, baseball, and softball fields.

4.  Cash donation. It is easy to make an online donation to support our many student athletes. Click the link then the blue DONATE NOW button. When completing the form, designate your gift for atheltics.