2018 Recap

This year, the Boosters and the Athletic Department decided to try something new with Shoot a Thon. A new, separate event, called Rumble in the Thunderdome was created just for High School students and athletes, grades 7-12, to encompass many varied sports. Participants competed in 9 different athletic skills stations, trying to compile as many points as they could out of a possible 90. The format remained the same as in previous years for grades 1-8 basketball teams – team and individual photos, followed by each participant trying to make as many free throws as they could in 3 minutes . Both events were a success, raising approximately $ 9,700 for Villa athletics.

Thank you to all who participated in, donated to, and volunteered for these important fundraising events, which were held on Friday, January 19th, and Saturday, January 20th. These events could not happen without the support and effort of many including Boosters Officers (Dave Thomas, Dave Meier, Jenn Thiemann, and Kelly Danhauer), Athletic Directors (Eric Schmitt and Mary Pavel), Elementary and High School coaches, and parents.

Here are the results of both events:

Donation & Participation

Top Donating Team – Shoot a Thon: 2nd Grade Boys Basketball Team, coached by Eric Webb ($ 1,058)

Top Donating Class – Shoot a Thon: 4th Grade ($ 1,425)

Net Funds Raised – Shoot a Thon: $ 8,300

Top Participating Class – Rumble in the Thunderdome: 7th Grade (60%)

Net Funds Raised – Rumble in the Thunderdome: $ 1,400


Top 10 Donor Families:


1. Bond (Hudson – 2nd, Rylie – 5th, Jackson – 9th)

2. Allen (Liam – 1st)

    Marlette (Ainsley – 11th, Matthew – 7th)

    Thiemann (Charlie – 8th)

5. Nichols (Sean – 4th, Andrew – 7th)

     Valentine (Clifton – 3rd)

     Hassoun (Adam – 6th, Hannah – 11th, Erica – 12th)

8. Danhauer (Katie – 2nd, Jay – 4th)

9. Callioni (Michael – 4th, Brook – 6th, Brogan – 7th)

    Cossett (Maxime – 3rd)

    Kruer (Alex – 5th)

    Stumbo (Liam – 3rd, Noah – 6th)

    Tracy (Alex – 3rd, Vada – 4th)

    Watson (Max – 4th, Jake – 6th)

    Webb (Zachary – 2nd)


Top Scorers:


                                Boys                                                                      Girls

         Shoot a Thon

1st Grade              Otto Breitling (55)                                            Elle Breitling (30)

2nd Grade             Hudson Bond / Zachary Webb (50)           Katie Danhauer (66)

3rd Grade             William Tribble (44)                                         Chloe Hatfield / Teagan Kondik (39)

4th Grade             Drew Thomas (46)                                           Victoria Sebald (38)

5th Grade             Luke Carroll (45)                                               Brea McGinnis (27)

6th Grade             Henry Thole (41)                                              Kayla Unkraut (40)

7th Grade             Alex Helson (37)                                               Sydney Agriesti (17)

8th Grade             Nick Ramundo (41)


Parent / Coach (2 minutes)          Kelly Danhauer (36)


                                                           Rumble in the Thunderdome

7th Grade             Owen Kovacic (36/90)                                    Natalie Lovell (34/90)

8th Grade             Alex Grannen (37/90)                                    Camdyn Meier (31/90)

9th Grade             Kaleb Alden (34/90)                                        Reese Holtzman (28/90)

10th Grade           Michael Schlueter (37/90)                            Maddie Blincoe (25/90)

11th Grade           Ben Zalla (37/90)                                              Brooke Meier (47/90)

12th Grade           Xavier Ludwig (47/90)