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Annual Sports Banquet Awards

Each year, Villa celebrates its athletes at the annual Sports Banquet at the Summit Hills Country Club. The Most Valuable Player (MVP) and Most Improved Players (MIP) are recognized at the event. The Blue Lightning Award is also given to the players who best display the Benedictine Values of respect, hospitality, service, reverence, stewardship, peace, prayer, and scholarship. We congratulate the players listed below for their contributions to Villa sports.

Fall Sports

Girls’ Golf MVP: Jenna Doumont `17,  MIP: Camryn Bellish `17, Blue Lightning:  Natalie Boucher`17

Boys’ Golf: MVP:  Caz Schaefer `20, MIP:  Sam Harney `18, Blue Lightning: Vernay Monroe `18

Girls’ Soccer:  MVP:  Maddie Berberich `18, MIP: Sarah Surace `18, Blue Lightning: Maddie Malone `18

Boys’ Soccer: MVP: Daniel Gerst `18, MIP: Robert Spicker `18, Blue Lightning: Scott McQueen `17

Girls’ Cross Country: MVP:  Maddie Dickman `20, MIP:  Caroline McDonald `21, Blue Lightning: Abby Bezold `19

Boys’ Cross Country: MVP:  Zack Werner `17, MIP:  Colin McLagan `21,  Blue Lightning: Chris Nutini `17

Volleyball: MVP: Lizzy Bateman `18, MIP: Anna Wagner `19, Blue Lightning: Caroline Rice `18

Girls’ Basketball: MVP: Madison Perry `18, MIP: Anna Wagner `19, Blue Lightning: Brooke Meier `19

Boys’ Basketball: MVP: Sean McIntyre `18, MIP:  William Martin `17, Blue Lightning: Thomas Schutzman `17

Boys’ Swimming: MVP: Logan Sprague `18, MIP:  Cayce Cobaugh `18, Blue Lightning: Zach Stringer `18

Girls’ Swimming: MVP: Ainsley Marlette `19, MIP: Emily Richardson `21, Blue Lightning: Molly Holt `17

Spring Sports

Baseball: MVP: Xavier Ludwig `18, MIP: Thomas Fuller `20, Blue Lightning: Daniel Gerst `18

Softball: MVP: Anna Wagner `19, MIP: Anna Bosley `18, Blue Lightning: Brooke Meier `19

Girls’ Tennis: MVP: Paetyn Ashcraft `22, MIP: Maddie Malone `18, Blue Lightning: Neha Yousuf `17

Boys’ Tennis: MVP: Yamaan Ahmad `20, MIP: Giovanni Falcone `19, Blue Lightning: Robert Spicker `18





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5th-8th grade Girls' Golf

5th and 6th grade Boys' Golf

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