2018 Schedule

In memory of Tom Aydt and Denny Van Houten.  These men were coaches we have lost and they were a great influence on our players and key members of our Villa family.  They are lost, but never forgotten. 

2018 Boys Golf Roster

Player Name       Grade        Team Level
Gio Falcone       12       Varsity
Cam Zalla       12        Varsity 
Casimir Schaefer        11         
Michael Schlueter        11         
James Thole        11         
George Menkhaus        10         
Alexander Mate        10         
Mitchell Wright        10         
Drew Ellis               
Chase Fisher               
Matthew Marlette               
Aidan McGraw               
Adam Brandstetter               
Brandon Campling               
Henry Thole               
Quinn Thomas               
Andrew Wilkins               
Graham Wilkins       6       MS Team
Tyler Brandstetter       5       MS Team
Owen Phillips       5       MS Team
Drew Thomas              MS Team