Villa Madonna Academy
   2018 Fall Sports Registration Form
 Cross Country - grades 7-12
Golf - grades 5-12
Soccer - grades 7-12
Girls Volleyball - grades 7-12
Due date: May 10, 2018


HS Athletic Directors
HS Athletic Director - Eric Schmitt 331-6333 ext103
Assistant Athletic Director - Mary Pavel -  331-6333 ext506

HS Coaches
Cross Country - Coach Brian Rapien 513-213-8833
Boys Golf - Coach Ralph Landrum 859-802-3478
Girls Golf - Coach Katie-Scarlett Skinner 859-663-5459
Boys Soccer -  Coach Taron Jordon 513-253-5534
Girls Soccer - Coach Glenn Rice 859-663-6122
Girls Volleyball - Coach Sandi Kitchen 513-518-4099
Contact the coach for questions regarding team plans, dates and schedules.


  Villa Madonna Academy Registration Process for High School Sports

Step #1: Students will read and agree to the Drug and Alcohol Form as well as the Transportation Form and submit the St. Elizabeth Authorization Form so that trainers from St. E have access to student’s medical conditions.  

Step #2:  Complete the 4 page KHSAA Consent, Permission and Physical Exam form and return this form to the Athletic Office once per 12 months. KHSAA PHYSICAL FORM 

Step #3: All students and parents must read and agree to the HS Athletic Policies 

Step #4: Fill out registration form below and turn in fee to Athletic Office.  A late fee of $25 applies to any checks submitted after the deadline.  

Registration Form and Fee

The participation fee to play a fall sport is $165 per student, per sport plus an additional $60 work fee.  Please make your check payable to VMA Athletic Department for $225.  Non-Villa Students that play HS sports owe $300.  Send the check to the VMA Athletic Office no later than May 10.

Due MAY 10th to Athletic Office - late registrations will have a $25 late fee

Concession Workers & Swim team Workers Volunteer Work Form

If parents are Virtus trained and work 6 hours for home games, they will receive a $60 refund check after returning the form to the Athletic Department. This form must be submitted within 30 days of working. All workers must be Virtus compliant and up to date on all bulletins. Parents are required to sign up to work at the parent meeting.      


Students may only participate in one sport per season unless they have received special permission from the Athletic Director, Principal, and both Coaches PRIOR to registration. Contact the Athletic Director for any questions.  It is also expected that players that sign up will attend every practice/game/event.