Welcome to the 7th Annual Villa Invitational!!!


The fee for the tournament is $50 per team, so please send the checks to Villa Madonna Academy, 2500 Amsterdam Rd, Villa Hills, KY 41017, Attn. VMA Boosters. Make check payable to Villa boosters. Please make sure that the checks are received by the 11/08.

Please see the game schedule below.  Please contact Ajdin Dropic with any scheduling questions.  Also, for Villa Families that are able to help out in the gate or concession stand, please see our link below. 

Thursday 11/8   Friday 11/9   Saturday 11/10   Sunday 11/11  
5:00 3/4th G Villa Blue v MQH (G1) 5:00
7th B Villa Blue v Kentucky Cobras
9:00 AM
2nd B BSS Brison v St Pius (G1)
5th B 3rd place
6:00 3/4th G St Agnes v St Paul (G2) 6:00 8G BSS v St Agnes 10:00 AM
2nd B Villa 1 v BSS Kruger (G2)
7th B Villa v IHM
7:00 4B Villa v St Paul 7:00
3/4th G Villa White v Beechwood (G3)
11:00 AM
2nd B Villa 3 v BSS Miller (G3)
3/4 G WG1 v W G2 (G4)
8th G Villa v St Joseph's Cold Spring
8:00 5th G Villa v St Cecilia 12:00 PM
2nd B Villa 2 v St. Paul (G4)
6G Villa v MQH
        1:00 PM
1/2nd Girls St Pius v St Paul
3/4 G LG1 v LG2 (G5)
        2:00 PM 6G S Agnes v BSS 6:00
2nd B WG1 v WG2
        3:00 PM 5th B Villa v MQH 7:00
2nd B WG3 v WG4
        4:00 PM 5th B St Paul v IHM      
        5:00 PM 4B BSS v St Pius      
        6:00 PM
5th G St Joe's v Holy Trinity
        7:00 PM 8G 3rd place      
        8:00 PM 8G finals      
Thursday 11/15   Friday 11/16   Saturday 11/17   Sunday 11/18    
5:00 2nd B LG1 v LG2 5:00 3/4th G WG5 v LG3 9:00 AM 7th B 3rd place 1:00
1/2 girls 3rd place
5:50 3B Bss Black v BSS Rohmiller 6:00 3B Villa v St Paul 10:00 AM 7th B finals 1:50
1/2 girls finals
6:40 2nd B LG3 v LG4 7:00 6B BSS v St Augustine 11:00 AM 6G 3rd place 2:40
1/2 boys finals
7:30 1/2 G Villa v St Agnes 8:00 6B Villa V Heritage 12:00 PM 6G finals 3:30 5th B finals  
        1:00 PM 6B 3rd place 4:20 8B 3rd place  
        2:00 PM 6B finals 5:20 8th B finals  
        3:00 PM 3rd B 3rd place 6:20
3/4G WG4 v WG3 (finals)
        3:50 PM 3rd B finals 7:10 5th G finals  
        4:40 PM 5th G 3rd place      
        5:30 PM 4th B 3rd place      
        6:20 PM 4B finals      
        7:10 PM 8th B St Augustine v MQH      
        8:10 PM 8th B Villa v IHM