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Villa Madonna Academy believes that students should be given the opportunity to participate in many things throughout their lives; from challenging themselves academically to enhancing their athletic abilities. Athletes who gain the most from sports have allowed their minds and spirits, as well as their bodies, to grow as they experience the wins and losses of organized sports. Those who have challenged themselves to be the best that they can be, not just in the game, but during practice as well, will develop work habits they will use throughout their lives.

Sports teach athletes about never giving up, about taking pride in all that they do, about feeling joy or empathy for others, and about making friends. Most of all, sports will teach athletes to believe in themselves.

Note: Villa Madonna Academy is a no-cut program but all students must have the following to play:

  • Registration form with payment made out to "VMA Athletics"
  • An up to date KHSAA physical- required for grades 7-12

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Sports offered at Villa Madonna:

Women's Sports: Cross Country, Golf, Soccer, Volleyball, Archery, Basketball, Swimming, Softball, Tennis, and Track.

Men's Sports: Cross Country, Golf, Soccer, Archery, Basketball, Swimming, Baseball, Tennis, and Track.