We are currently seeking Class Captains. If you are willing to serve in some way and would like to be a Class Captain, please complete the form below or contact Becky Motley at bmotley@villamadonna.net. More than one Class Captain per graduating class is welcome.

Class Captains will encourage support, motivate and organize their classmates in “fun” raising and will “rally the troops” when necessary and provide regular updates to their classmates.

Villa Alumni are proud, capable and successful in a variety of pursuits. The root of friendship, community and success started here on the campus. Villa graduates live the Benedictine values of stewardship, service, hospitality  and scholarship. The school is where it is today because of the loyal history and partnership between alumni and the school. Class Captains play a vital role in building the alumni community by connecting their Villa classmates with each other.

*Communicate current and relevant information to his/her class
*Ensure classmates are keeping their contact information up-to-date with the alumni department
*Reaching out to missing/lost alumni and updating their information
*Help organize and suggest possible alumni events
*Serve as main class contact (on website and in Villa Vistas)
*Help to facilitate class reunions
*Support and attend events while also encouraging attendance event if not able to attend themselves
*Share social medias posts and photos and encourage classmates to do the same