Villa Madonna Academy has a progressive World Language Program in grades 7-12.   Junior high students in grade 7 study French or Spanish, and upon entering grade 8 they are enrolled in French I or Spanish I.  High school students are required to take three years of a world language, and two of those years must be in the same language.  Offerings include:  Spanish I, II, III, AP and Spanish V and French I, II, III, AP, and French V.

Our outstanding program is rooted in the philosophy of The Kentucky Standard for World Languages Proficiency, based on the LinguaFolio Can Do statements:

  • Everyone can learn a language, but everyone learns at a different pace, in different ways and for different purposes.
  • Students need to take ownership of & responsibility for their own learning.
  • Learning occurs when what is learned has meaning to the learner.
  • Goal setting and self-assessment increase motivation and improve achievement.
  • Standards, benchmarks, indicators and targets are meant to guide learning and should be shared with learners.
  • Functional use of the language in appropriate intercultural contexts is the prime objective.
  • A teacher’s role is to guide learning, provide language learning opportunities & resources and enable learners to set goals and know if they’ve met them.
  • Assessment for learning and of language learning should be designed so that the learner can show s/he demonstrates the benchmark/target.

Villa Madonna Academy high school students have the opportunity to participate in an exchange program with our partner school in Madrid and for a total-immersion language study in Costa Rica.