With 30+ clubs students can participate in a variety of inclusive extracurricular activities that broaden students' life experiences while instilling confidence, respect and sense of community.

High School Academic Team:    The Academic Team is a competitive scholastic team. There are two parts to the Academic Team season:  From September to the end of January, the team participates in the Northern Kentucky Academic Team League.  This consists of weekly Quick Recall competitions, which is comparable to "Quiz Bowl" or the television series Jeopardy!  Teams are permitted to seat four players at a time, though they may have as many players on the 'side lines' as they wish.  After the “regular” season is Governor’s Cup season. (There is one Gov Cup event we participate in during the month of November for freshmen and sophomores only entitled JV Challenge)  Governor’s Cup consists of high school teams competing in Quick Recall, but also individuals from the schools competing in written assessment tests (Math, Science, Arts & Humanities, Language Arts, and Social Studies), composition and FPS.   The Academic Team meets on Monday after school. Regular season matches occur on Tuesday after school, with tournaments throughout the season (usually on Saturday.)

Junior High Academic Team:  The Junior High Academic Team is a competitive scholastic team that competes in weekly Quick Recall matches. In addition to Quick Recall matches, the team also participates in the Governor’s Cup competition. This event occurs after the regular season and includes Quick Recall matches and written assessment tests in math, science, arts & humanities, language arts, social studies, and composition.  The Junior High Academic Team practices on Thursdays after school until 4:30 P.M. Regular season matches occur on Wednesdays after school.

Athletics:  Villa Madonna Academy fields varsity teams in baseball, basketball, cheerleading, cross country, fast-pitch softball, golf, soccer, swimming/diving, tennis, track/field and volleyball.  The athletic program encourages athletic excellence, character development, ethics, sportsmanship, and the continued development of Benedictine values, all in a competitive field.  Junior high students participate at their grade level but may be asked to play up based upon athletic ability.

Band:  Band class is available as one of the Fine Arts requirements.  All junior high students participate in band or chorus and in art.

Baking Club:  The VMA Baking Club provides baked goods for the local cold shelter.  Teachers prepare lunches for the shelter, and the Baking Club prepares baked goods for the lunches.  In addition, members love the art of baking and cooking and engage in cake/cookie decorating contests.  The club is open to students in grades 7-8.

Broadcast Journalism:  Participation in the broadcasting of school news, production management, and other aspects of broadcast are available for high school students enrolled in the class.  Additional opportunities may be available by contacting the teacher.

Chorus:  Chorus is available as one of the Fine Arts requirements for freshmen and sophomores.

Christian Outreach Program (COP):  COP is a high school organization dedicated to meaningful service projects.  Two of the main projects are participation in the Greater Cincinnati Magnified Giving Program and the BIGS Program (Big Brothers/Big Sisters), a mentoring program with an area inner-city school.

Drama:  Opportunities in the field of drama are available to students who enroll in the class.  All students in grades 9-12 may audition for the annual school musical.

Environmental Club:  The purpose of the VMA Environmental Club is to promote awareness of and to educate the VMA community on how to establish and maintain environmentally-friendly habits.  This club is open to all students (7-12) who have an interest in making our community a healthier place. The VMA Environmental Club meetings are during the Activity Period starting in September.  The club is committed to : maintaining the VMA recycling program, providing activities and education during Earth Week, participating in community garden efforts (service-learning project with elementary students), and participating in a variety of activities designed to educate and support environmentally-friendly causes.


Film and Photography Club:  The Film and Photography Club members (grades 9-12)   are dedicated to learning the essentials of film-making and photography. Club members have the opportunity for their photos to be displayed in the yearbook and in an exhibition on campus.


Forensics Society:  The Villa Forensics Society was founded in 2007 to encourage high school student involvement in contemporary issues, sharpen critical thinking, and strengthen public speaking. While the primary focus is debating current events, forensics also extends to rhetoric, public speaking, drama, interpretation, and civic awareness. We foster these skills in order to promote effective citizenship, encourage a healthy skepticism, and raise the level of discourse in America today.

Quidditch Club: The Quidditch Club is based on everyone’s favorite game on broomsticks from the Harry Potter series.  Members discuss their love of Harry Potter and actually “play the game.” 

Ice Skating Club – The Ice Skating Club is a social club with awareness.  Students participate in social events while raising awareness and funds for causes in the community.  The club is open to students in grades 7-12.

Intramurals:  Intramurals are conducted after school, after lunch, before school, or during Activity Period.  Students in grades 7-12 are welcome to participate in a variety of activities that include ping pong, flag football, and many other activities.

Jane Austen Club:  The Jane Austen Club gathers after school to share an appreciation for the works of Jane Austen.  Members in grades 7-12 enjoy tea and crumpets, discuss the works of Austen and engage in blogs, and often enjoy films based on the works of Jane Austen.

Junior Classical League (JCL):  The JCL promotes an appreciation and understanding of classical civilizations, develops responsibility, and encourages enthusiastic competition.   Membership in the JCL is open to any student in Latin or Greek.

Knitting Club:   The Knitting Club is open to students who k now how to knit or who would like to learn.   Supplies are available, and the club meets once or twice a week during lunch to knit scarves for the Scarf it up program.  This program provides handmade scarves, gloves and hats to the needy in our area during the cold winter months.

KYA/KUNA:  KYA and KUNA are each three-day conferences hosted by the Kentucky YMCA designed to allow students to conduct mock governments. KYA emulates the Commonwealth government, with a focus on drafting legislation, while KUNA emulates the United Nations. Each teaches critical thinking, rhetoric, and the importance of civic involvement.   There is a high school organization and a junior high organization.

National Honor Society (NHS):  NHS is foremost in organizations and societies dedicated to promoting appropriate recognition for students who reflect not only academic success but also the hallmarks of character, leadership and service.  A minimum 3.50 GPA is required for admission.  NHS members are held accountable for maintaining their scholastic achievement as well as the personal hallmarks.  NHS members also perform an additional twenty hours of service.  Students are considered for admission in their junior year.

Pep Club:  Pep Club is open to all students and plans pep rallies, events at games, send-off celebrations for students in select academic and athletic competitions, and a variety of spirit activities.

Principal’s Advisory Committee:  PAC meets monthly with the principal, and together they engage in dialogue regarding the school, student input and suggestions, and other areas of interest.  Meetings are usually held during the lunch period.  Students in grades 7-11 must apply and be selected to the committee.  Senior members remain from their junior year.

Pro Life Club:  The Pro Life Club is dedicated to working for the respect for life at all stages of development.  This club supports the March for Life and activities sponsored by the Diocesan Pro Life Commission.  The club is open to students in grades 7-12.

Robotics / Software Club:  The Robotics / Software Club helps students in grades 7-8 learn about software design and/or circuitry.  The club’s goal is to build a large but simple robot in addition to learning how to program websites and/or videogames.  Meetings will be held in the high school computer lab one time per week.  The club is student -driven and costs five dollars to cover the cost of supplies.

Student Council:  Student Council is composed of voting members (class and school officers) who are elected by the students in grades 7-12.  Meetings are held after school on Fridays or during Activity Period.  Student Council plans many activities throughout the school year. 

Student World Affairs Council (SWAC):  SWAC gives high school students an opportunity to participate in regional activities, including the Model United Nations and the Cincinnati World Affairs Council.

Tri-M:  Tri-M (Modern Music Masters) is a high school music honorary that inspires music participation, creates enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulates a desire to serve, and promotes leadership in the music students of secondary schools. 

Villa Madonna Academy Ambassadors:  This program invites students to represent the school at activities that include Open House, recruitment, buddy program, etc.

Villa Students Against Destructive Decisions (VSADD):  VSADD provides high school students an opportunity to engage in activities that promote safe decision-making.  The club is especially active during Red Ribbon Week and prom season.

World Culture Club:  The WLC develops a continued appreciation for world languages, cultures, histories and societies. Members in grades 7-12 engage in activities that include viewing world culture films, tasting “foreign” foods, playing games from different areas of the world, and other activities.  There is also a service element to the club.  

Yearbook/Newspaper:  Participation in the yearbook and newspaper is available for those students enrolled in the class.  Additional opportunities may be available by contacting the teacher.