Our World Language teachers expose students to the target language throughout the entire class by speaking in the target language from kindergarten throughout sixth grade.  In the primary grades, an emphasis is placed on oral  language development.  Instruction includes engaging students in activities including conversation, music, Total Physical Response, games, and hands-on projects.  Basic skills and knowledge are taught and reinforced by the target language activities that address core content for assessment. In the intermediate grades the communicative experience is strengthened through content-related topics, thematic instruction, and service-learning.  Strategies used include storytelling, cooperative work, and community-based projects work.

Our World Language Teaches :

  • Share and discuss ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines with learners
  • Share and discuss proficiency goals for each grade level with learners
  • Develop instruction to reinforce core content knowledge.
  • Provide meaningful opportunities for students to communicate within the four modes of communication: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. 
  • Demonstrate language acquisition through the use of visuals, gestures, pictures, manipulatives and technologies.
  • Assess students on performance-based tasks like oral, written, listening and comprehension daily in the classroom. 
  • Allow students to self-assess their language progression.