Elementary Announcements

November 26, 2018

Prayer & Pledge

Oh God, creator of the universe, you hold each of us in the palm of your hand.  Extend to each member of the Villa community an awareness of your presence, your healing and your peace.  Help us to love and respect one another, to develop our gifts to the best of our abilities, and to use those gifts in the service of others.  Help us work together to grow into mature Christian people. We ask this in the name of Jesus, your Son and our brother. Amen.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Joy springs from a grateful heart!

St. Benedict held that all should seek the common good while maintaining the deepest reverence and respect for each individual. He taught that all guests, strangers, the sick and the poor should be welcomed and reverenced as if he or she were Christ. Ultimately every student, teacher, parent and visitor associated with our school is a 'guest' and should be treated as if he or she were Christ. And so we are reminded:

  • To create the atmosphere of deep respect and acceptance for each person, we are encouraged by St. Benedict to speak to all in a caring, respectful manner.
  • To create the atmosphere of deep respect and acceptance for each person, we are encouraged by St. Benedict to be courteous and respect the points of view of others even when there is disagreement.
  • To create the atmosphere of deep respect and acceptance for each person, we are encouraged by St. Benedict to greet everyone with a smile or sign of recognition.

Throughout the month of November, our 4th grade students are sharing reflections on morning announcements on what RESPECT means to them. Below are their reflections for the week:                                                                                         

  • The Benedictine Value of Respect means to me is to help others no matter what. Another act that shows respect is to care for all creation and animals. God made that for us, and it is not nice to litter. When people litter it is saying they do not care for God's creation. Another reason you should not litter is that it could hurt animals. Animals do not know better, they might think a garbage bag is food. That could hurt the animal. An additional reason to show respect is to be honest and fair. A way to be honest is when you did something you were not supposed to and then you should own up to it and tell your parents. A way to show people fairness is to try to do things you are supposed to do and just be fair and nice to everyone. This is what The Benedictine Value of Respect means to me.
  • The Benedictine Value of Respect to me means that if you are respectful, you are genuine. Being genuine means treating everyone the same no matter what. But being genuine isn't the only way of being respectful. You can be respectful by not littering, helping animals, showing someone where something is, helping someone carry something, and about one million other different ways. Being respectful means not judging anyone no matter what height, skin color, boy or girl, if you speak a different language, if you have a disability, or if you have different beliefs. You should also care for animals. If you are helping a human, it's important to pay attention to an animal that also might be in need of help. You can help a wild animal by taking it to a vet. If you have a animal as a pet, you should take care of it, feed it the right food and if your pet is sick, you should take it to a vet. You can also respect creation. You can respect creation by planting, not littering, and not polluting. That is what respect means to me.          
  • The Benedictine value of respect means to me that everyone should respect all of God's creation by, not littering, not hunting endangered species, and not abusing animals. Another thing that you can do is be genuine. To be genuine is to treat everyone the same, by helping others with disabilities or the poor. You should treat brothers or sisters with respect by, not arguing, sharing a toy, or helping with homework. Another way to respect others is like at a basketball game like let's say you win you shouldn't go dancing around in their face you say, "good game" or "maybe next time" or "nice try". This is what the value of respect means to me.
  • The Benedictine Value of Respect means to me that everyone should take care of all of God's creations. For example, if you see an animal like a dog or a cat on the road you should put it in a pet carrier and take it to the vet. Another way to respect God's creation is by picking up trash or litter, because litter can be accidently eaten by animals and hurt them.  Respect is really simple to give; it doesn't matter if you have a disability or if you are a different religion. Respect can be given by anyone no matter how old or young you are. When someone gives you respect it is the right thing to give it back. That is what respect means to me.
  • The Benedictine value of Respect means to me that, we are not to judge people by their skin color, language, or disability. Also, we shouldn't harm sea, jungle, or house pets. The value of Respect means to thank your parents for all they do for you and use your manners. Also, we need to be friends with everyone, not just your best friends. It's important to respect God's creations and to not abuse them. Do not throw plastic in the garbage because you could harm sea animals. Finally, do not litter because you could harm deer and wildlife. This is what the Benedictine value of Respect means to me.
  • The Benedictine value of Respect means to me that, we are not to judge people by their skin color, language, or disability. Also, we shouldn't harm sea, jungle, or house pets. The value of Respect means to thank your parents for all they do for you and use your manners. Also, we need to be friends with everyone, not just your best friends. It's important to respect God's creations and to not abuse them. Do not throw plastic in the garbage because you could harm sea animals. Finally, do not litter because you could harm deer and wildlife. This is what the Benedictine value of Respect means to me.
  • The Benedictine value of respect means to me is to respect everybody even though they might be different from you.  Another way I can show respect is to help somebody if they get hurt. You can also stand up for somebody if they are getting made fun of.  The last thing I can do to show respect is to help somebody if they need help with homework.

Announcements/News for the Week

State Chess Tournament: Congratulations to Brendan Ramdass who participated in this year's state chess tournament where he placed 2nd in his grade level! #VillaProud!

Faculty Treats: We owe a big thank you to PTAO Chairs, Brittany Stapleton and Bina Patel, who provided treats for the faculty and staff during conferences last week. Everything was delicious!

Christmas Decorations: Thanks to our Breakfast with Santa Chairs, Erin Nine and Anita Arnsperger, who decorated the school building this weekend. Everything looks beautiful!

Student Council: During the month of November (12th - 30th), Elementary Student Council will be collected gently used coats, hats, scarves and mittens. No one should go cold this winter. Let's help warm them up! Clean out your closet and donate items that you have outgrown. Items will be donated to St. Vincent DePaul

Acts of Kindness: During Advent the Elementary Student Council has created an activity to encourage kindness for the holiday season. Students will receive a Santa that has various acts of kindness listed for students to complete. Remember to always be kind to all you meet by holding a door, including someone at lunch/recess, complimenting another person, smiling, being positive, and staying focused in class.  Thanks to our student council for helping us to spread kindness to all!

Athletics: Good luck to all of our teams who are playing games this weekend!

4th Grade Boys: Congratulations to the fourth grade boys basketball team for their first win of the season with a 13-11 victory over St. Joseph.

3rd Grade Boys: Congratulations to our third grade boys' basketball team who won their game on Saturday against St. Timothy 23-4.

Sixth Grade Academic Showcase: On Monday, November 26 and Saturday, December 1, our 6th grade students will be participating in an Academic Showcase. We thank Ms. Haskamp, Ms. Young, and Mrs. Kramer for all of their work with the students and wish our students participating all the best.

Quick Recall: Ethan Barker, Alejandra Decima, Ty Dropic, Quinn Holtzman, Didina Jiradamkerng, Jesper Koch, and Isaac Stricker

Mathematics: Ty Dropic, Jesper Koch, and Isaac Stricker

Science: Ty Dropic, and Isaac Stricker

Social Studies: Ethan Barker, Didina Jiradamkerng, and Jesper Koch

Language Arts: Ethan Barker, Alejandra Decima, and Quinn Holtzman

Arts and Humanities: Alejandra Decima, Quinn Holtzman, and Didina Jiradamkerng

Giving Tuesday:  It's almost time for Giving Tuesday on November 27!  #GivingTuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving (in the U.S.) and the widely recognized shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday kicks off the charitable season.  We are looking forward to another successful day of giving, so stay tuned!

Y-Club: On Nov. 27th, Jr. Y-Club will meet. Anyone interested in the Kentucky United Nations Assembly program should attend.  KUNA is a wonderful way to learn about countries around the world, and the problems that they are facing.  At Jr. KUNA, students like you help to write resolutions to solve global issues.  Plus there are international stage performances, native attire, and a global village that allows you to travel the world in one day.  Students in grades 5 - 8 that are interested in learning more about KUNA should contact Mr. Tilley and let him know that you would like to come to the first meeting. 

Student Council Meeting: The elementary student council will be meeting this Wednesday morning to get things ready for December service activities.

Lockdown: As part of our safety program we review lockdown procedures with our faculty and students on Wednesday.

Chess Club: Chess Club will meet after school on Wednesday.

Servers Training: Servers will meet after school on Wednesday with Mrs. Wellman.

Board Meeting: Our November board meeting will take place on Wednesday, November 28.

Boosters: The Boosters will meet Wednesday (11/28) at 7:00 pm in the gym conference room. We will summarize and wrap up the Invitational, and begin our work on the Shoot a Thon and Rumble events that will take place in January.

Picture Day: Please make note that picture retake day has been scheduled for November 29. Students who did not have their photo taken and need a form can pick one up in the main office.

Marketing Video: Channel 12 will be at Villa on November 29 for a project Amy Holtzman and Janet Baugh are working on. .

Academic Team: The 4th and 5th gradeacademic team has a match after school on Thursday.

Drama Club: Drama Club will meet after school for practice on Thursday and Friday as they prepare for their performance in December.

Picture Day: Please make note that picture retake day has been scheduled for November 29.

Mass: Grades K-6 will celebrate Mass on Friday with Fr. Riesenberg. Grade 3 will be preparing the liturgy.

November Birthdays: Students and teachers who celebrate their birthday in November may be out of uniform on November 30.

November MAPS Challenge: Congratulations to the students who completed the October MAPS Challenge! The November MAPS Challenge has been posted on our school's website in the eFolder for K-6. If you would like to complete the challenge, please print out the form, complete and turn in by November 30.

Breakfast with Santa: Reserve your place for Breakfast with Santa which will take place at Villa on December 1. A flyer went home in the Family Folder and is in the efolder. Questions? Please contact vmasantabreakfast@gmail.com.

Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony: Mark your calendars for the annual Villa Hills/Crescent Springs Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony which will take place on Saturday, December 1. The Celebration begins at 6:00 p.m. We are still waiting for the city to let us know what time we are scheduled to sing. This is an exciting event for our students and great exposure to showcase our school to the community. 

Advent: The season of Advent begins on December 2. Our faculty and staff have planned special prayers and activities during religion class.

December Service Project: Our elementary student has teamed up with the junior high and high school student councils and organized a service project to help three local organizations with their Christmas parties for children, the Kentucky Intensive Family Services, Helping Hearts, and the Diocesan Children's Home.

If you would like to donate a gift, please take a tag that is hung on the Christmas tree by the Holy Spirit entrance. Each tag has an item on it requested by a child. There are also a few tags with family gifts (i.e. gift card to Kroger). Purchase the item and return it (unwrapped) with the tag attached to the item. We will be collecting items through December 13 so be sure to return all gifts by December 13.

Sixth Grade Christmas Writing Project: We are so excited for our next global project with our 6th grade students. This year they will be creating Christmas cards with letters they write sharing information about how we celebrate Christmas in America (i.e. holiday traditions, etc.). Students will also have the opportunity to chat about life in various countries through an online forum set up by several teachers around the world including children from Indonesia, Moldova, and Canada.

Make-a-Wish Foundation: One of our 1st grade students asked if we could help collect letters for Santa and help children through the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Simply write a letter to Santa and place it in the box by the Holy Spirit Doors or go online and send a letter to Santa at macys.com/believe. All letters dropped in the box at school will be delivered to Santa by December 18. Thanks for your help as Macy's will donate $1 to Make-a-Wish for each letter written to Santa.

Jingle Bell Shop: Jingle Bell Shop will take place the week of December 3. Look for the flyer coming home in the family folder for more information. Students will visit on the following days:

Monday, December 3            Kindergarten and Third Grade

Tuesday, December 4 First, Second and Sixth Grade

Wed., December 5                 Fourth and Fifth Grade

Fine Art Patrons: The FAP will meet on December 4 at 8:00 a.m. All are invited to attend.

Author Visit: Beth Gully, Author/Illustrator of The Other Side of Christmas: An Upside-Down Book, will be at Villa on December 6 to speak to students in K-6.   Beth Gully will share her story and ambigram drawings. If you would like to purchase Beth's book, please complete and return the order form in the efolder.

Immaculate Conception: Catholics celebrate this holyday on Saturday, December 8.

First Lego League Robotics Competition: Villa students will be competing in the First Lego League Competition and the Jr. First Lego League Competition on Saturday, December 8. We wish the students the best of luck and thank their coaches for all of their work with the students to prepare them for competition.

VillaRama Bingo: We will be hosting a family bingo event on Sunday, December 9 beginning at 2:00 p.m. Come play bingo with your family and friends. $10 for 10 bingo games.

Geography Bee: Our annual bee is scheduled to take place at 1:15 on Tuesday, December 11.

VillaRama Gift Gathering Party for Grades K-6: We will be hosting a gift gathering party after school on Friday, December 14. Students will have the opportunity to watch a movie in our theater. Once we say our end of the day prayer at dismissal time, teachers are asked to help get the students from their grade level from the cafeteria to the theater at dismissal time. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Christmas Spirit Week: The elementary student council would like to spread Christmas cheer and so have planned a special week for our faculty/staff and students. We hope you have a lot of fun during this week. Merry Christmas!  

Monday, December 17:Dress Like a Present or Christmas Tree

Tuesday, December 18:Wear your favorite Christmas sweater or Dress like a Christmas Carol

Wednesday, December 19:Wear your favorite Christmas Pajamas or your favorite Ugly Christmas sweater

Thursday, December 20:Out of uniform if you wear Christmas colors and/or accessories

Kindergarten Christmas Pageant: All classes are invited to our annual Christmas celebration with the Kindergarten students on December 19 beginning at 9:00 a.m. in the theatre. The kindergarten students will also share the story of Jesus' birth at 7:00 p.m. for family and friends.

First Grade Gingerbread Houses: The first grade will be creating gingerbread houses at 10:00 a.m. in the cafeteria on December 20. Classes are invited to view the houses after they are created at 11:00 a.m.

DATE CHANGE: IOWA testing dates have changed per the Diocese.  The new dates for testing are March 18 -29.

November Lunch Menu:  The lunch menu can be found on our website in the K-6 eFolder.

Parent Reminders/Information

Aftercare: Please mark your calendars....there will NOT be aftercare on December 20. This is a noon dismissal day and we do not have teachers available to run aftercare.

DATE CHANGE: IOWA testing dates have changed per the Diocese.  The new dates for testing are March 18 -29.

VMA Director of Finance: Villa Madonna Academy, a co-ed K-12 Catholic, Benedictine school founded by the Sisters of St. Walburg Monastery and located in Villa Hills, Kentucky, is seeking an energetic individual to serve as our Director of Finance, a key position within the Academy's leadership team. Working in collaboration with the other members of the team (the Executive Director, the Principals, and the Directors of Advancement and Recruiting), the Director of Finance provides financial leadership and has the primary responsibility for the financial administration of the school. The position reports to the Executive Director and has a dotted line relationship to the Academy's Treasurer. The Director of Finance will apply his/her financial expertise to Financial Operations, Controls and Compliance, and Financial Planning and Reporting. The successful candidate for this position must possess a number of attributes and skill sets including accounting and financial management experience, technical expertise, organizational, communication, and analytical skills. A bachelor's degree in accounting, finance, or a related field and five years or more of relevant work experience is required. Please email your cover letter, resume and professional references to Executive Director Ms. Pam McQueen at pmcqueen@villamadonna.net.

Virtus: Please remember to complete your November bulletin. If your account is suspended, the month of December is an open period and all suspended accounts will be released.  If you have bulletins that need to be completed, December is the time to get caught up.  We appreciate all our volunteers and the time you give to Villa!             

PTAO Breakfast with Santa:  Ho-Ho-Ho Santa is on his way!  Please see the family folder for your invitation to our annual Breakfast with Santa on Saturday, December 1. Our professional photographer is returning, we have a delicious menu fun crafts planned! We would love to see you and your family - extended family and friends are always welcome.  Send your reservation to the school office as soon as possible.   If you wish to volunteer to help with the event or have any questions, please contact one of the event chairs - Mrs. Arnsperger or Mrs. Nine. We are also looking for someone to chair this special event for December 2019 so if you are interested please let us know! Questions? Please contact vmasantabreakfast@gmail.com.

Jingle Bell Shop:  The PTAO sponsored Jingle Bell Shop is a great way to let your child experience the spirit of giving this Christmas season.  The Jingle Bell Shop will be held in the Center Building on December 3- 5.  The shop will be supervised by Virtus trained parent volunteers who will assist your child with gift selections and managing money.  This is a great opportunity for the students to budget money and to make purchasing decisions. You will delight in seeing the joy and excitement on your child's face when you open the gift they especially chose for you!   To sign up to volunteer go to:  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090845adab22a3f94-shop .  In addition to the class shopping blocks, we will have the store open on December 5 from 2:15 - 4:30 p.m. for those parents who would like to bring preschool aged children or their students after school to shop. 

Jim Bisenius' Bully Proof Youth Program: Parents, please mark your calendars for a presentation with Mr. Jim Bisenius on January 9, 2019 in the theater (time to be determined). Mr. Bisenius visits our elementary school every two to three years to share his Bully-Proofing Youth information. Mr. Bisenius will meet with all students and teachers throughout the day. We highly recommend every family be represented at the parent session as the information is just that important. Questions? Please email Mrs. Wuebben at gwuebben@villamadonna.net.


1          Breakfast with Santa; Crescent Springs/Villa Hills Tree Lighting Ceremony

3          Jingle Bell Shop Week

4          FAP Meeting

5          Faculty Meeting

7          ES Mass; ES Drama Production - 1:30 & 7 PM

8          Immaculate Conception; First Lego League Competition     

11         Geography Bee at 1:15 PM

14         ES Mass; ES Enrichment

19         Kindergarten Christmas Pageant at 9 AM & 7 PM Students with December or June birthdays may be out of uniform

20         First Grade Gingerbread Houses; Noon Dismissal

21         Christmas Break Begins

Villa Madonna Academy, a private, Catholic, K-12 school educates students in a Christ-centered community rooted in the Benedictine traditions of scholarship, service, and hospitality.