Dear Villa Community,

We are enjoying the summer days that poet Emily Dickinson said really should be reserved "only for saints."  God's blessings and peace surround us, and we give thanks for our wonderful community.

One blessing for which I am especially grateful is the opportunity to be a keynote speaker at The Brother Edward Englund O.S.B. Benedictine Leadership Institute where I shared with current and aspiring U.S. Benedictine school leaders why Our Way of Acting Should Be Different Than the World’s Way:  We Are Benedictine. The conference was an affirmation of our solidarity as Benedictine schools and our mission to focus on the hallmarks of a Benedictine education.   It is the charism of St. Benedict that penetrates the life and learning of each of us, and we certainly are grateful that we have been entrusted with carrying on the Benedictine tradition.

Our students and faculty experienced a successful school year, and we congratulate our Class of 2018 on their outstanding accomplishments.  The thirty-five graduates earned an average ACT score of 27.9,  received acceptances to eighty-one different universities that span the globe, completed thousands of service hours throughout their high school career, and four graduates signed to play collegiate athletics.  What a great year for these wonderful students!

As we move forward in planning for our future, Villa’s five-year Strategic Plan is the foundation for such endeavors.  In addition, Villa’s Feasibility Study is complete, and we appreciated working with Johnson Grossnickle and Associates.  The purpose of the study was to assess interest and support of projects we may possibly include in a future capital campaign, and those main projects are identified as renovation of the Center Building and of the high school/junior high science labs/classrooms in the Main Building.  Too, the roof on our main mid-century building will need to be replaced.  The support of our Villa stakeholders will be much appreciated as we plan for our exciting future!

May you enjoy the remainder of the summer and the possibilities that lie ahead. Pope Francis reminded us that "joy springs from a grateful heart," and so his words are the theme for our new school year.  Today, and always, let us find joy in all we do, and let us see the beauty in the world and love life -because that is Villa.  We are Villa.

God’s Peace,

Mrs. Pamela McQueen

Executive Director/High School-Junior High Principal